Tuesday, August 13, 2002

hey there...it's post numero uno....
absurd notions for a better tomorrow? well, we'll have to see about that. :)
i've been getting closer to finding that nexus point of all of the strange ideas & observations floating around in me and figure it's about time that i start writing this stuff down.
maybe it'll make sense , maybe not...but i'm sure that in time it'll all come together.
sometimes it might get self indulgent, other times selfless.
however it manifests, it's gonna be raw and honest to the point where everything is put right out there in front of the world.
for anyone that might be reading this that's close to me & wonders if their stories are safe...no worries...:)
it's not about that kind of openness.
more about that strange search for some kind of understanding of life. or maybe it's shear entertainment...,making life as lively & imaginitive as i can.
whatever the case may be, i hope i somehow make the reading worth the effort...and i guess the writing too, eh? ;)
till next time,

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