Monday, September 16, 2002

i know I've been bad about posting. Actually haven't been at the computer much lately.
Went to the Around the Coyote Arts Festival in Wicker Park/Bucktown this weekend. for the most part it was about the same as the last few years. some artists are doing the exact same thing & some have grown exponentially. and there's always gotta be one that completely blows you away.
This year's winner in my opinion is Summer Zandrew.
i swear i could get lost in the simple beauty of her paintings for hours on end.i only wish she had a website so y'all could see 'em.

i've gotta make sure that i make the effort next year to show my work. wanted to this year, but never got around to entering.
it'd be interesting to see what kind of feedback I'd get.

well, life just seems to keep getting more & more interesting these days. i never seem to be able to predict what's around the corner.
everything always seems to work it's magic though :)

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