Tuesday, September 24, 2002

so many transitions seem to be happening right now. many of the people i know are rearranging their lives, finding new meaning.
i myself keep vacillating between feeling completely centered & being completely scattered. but when my focus clears, magic seems to happen.
i wonder way too often if i'm doing the right things . i've been trying to turn off or at least tone down my "chattering monkey" mind. i just get so caught up in not wanting to cause harm to others, especially those i care about the most.
been wondering if my attempts at self expression are sometimes doing more damage than they are good.
i can only hope that intentions are clear & that good things come of it.
this year has been such the year of truth & openness for me. i'm finding a side of myself that i'd always hoped was there & am finding it truly is.
mind you, i still have plenty of my own personal drama, etc., but by opening myself up to the "mystical" , to the magic that life can have, i feel that i've gained so much. it makes life worth living.and ya just gotta take the chance & not be afraid, cus if ya keep the door closed because you are afraid of getting hurt or expectations not being met, you can never experience the wonder that's out there.
so, i keep attempting to emerge from my cave more often.
it's a struggle, but i'm making progress...;^)

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