Monday, December 16, 2002's been a REALLY long time since i've posted...
not that anyone reads this thing anyway...
well...the only reason i'm here today is to post a philisophical piece about art.
i'm still working on it & this is an off the cuff short take on the idea, but you'll get the idea....

an artistic representation of an object can never truly be as beautiful as the actual object.
this must be the case due to the fact that an artistic representation only contains one perception of an infinite number of possible perceptions of that object. only the object itself holds the original infinite number of possible perceptions, although that number is expressed through the representational art as well in a fractal manner, as each observer of that art has their own individual perception of that represention. (infinite outward expansion)
that perception is mediated by a filter (the artist) between the representation and the original object. so the viewer of the artistic representation is one step more removed from the original object than the artist who created the representation. then, one can imagine that the person who viewed the representation, say, in an art gallery, would discuss it with their friends & aquaintences. in this process, the friend/ aquaintence will more than likely visualize an image of the representation of the original object from the description given by the viewer of it.
this mental image is yet one more step mediated from the original object, being created from a mixture of the description given combined with the personal "lifetime experience filter" of the friend/aquaintence. it is not any less valid of a visualization or representation of the original object, it is merely that much more removed from its source of origin (yet even this statement rings false to me as i feel that all things are in and of themselves their own sources of origin as much as they are connected to the whole)
each artist that creates representations or interpretations of the original object helps weave the overall concepts & inter-relationships of the overall culture or community in reference to the original object. ideally, this would be done by everyone, not necessarily as physical or communicable art, but also as personal relationship to the original object. by personal relationship I mean a subjective interpretation of that object that is created from within the individual in reference to that individual's lifetime experiences.
in this way the infinite aspects of all things are woven into the fabric of reality.
it is a way in which the paradox of unity and multiplicity is expressed.
and it is how we all help create our own realities & reality as a shared experience.

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