Saturday, May 03, 2003 is the big day...time to turn the soil for darren & patricia's amazing organic veggie & herb garden! whoohoo! I'm really excited. :)
the sun's been out (although there is still a chill in the air) and spring is finally arriving. It's been a little bit tardy in arriving in Chicago this year.
here's a small list of some of the things we will be growing:
shell peas, spinach, cukes, onions, carrots, chives, basil, echinacea, black beans, yarrow, calendula, chamomile, clary sage, borage, and i think a few other things too.
i walked both to and from work today (for a total of about fifteen miles) so I've gotta give my muskles a good soaking in a nice hot bath before starting to dig into that wonderful soil. I'm sure I'll sleep well tonight ;)

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