Monday, May 05, 2003

well, since i posted something so internal & exposing, i figure i've gotta balance it out...
started painting again a couple of days ago...much enjoyment from that!
got a nice rain last night to help mingle the soil in the garden.
looks like wednesday is going to be the day for sowing seeds! whoohoo!
tuesday night I'm seeing an old friend from college that i haven't seen in something like twelve years, that should be exciting. i ran into her in the Gold Coast Whole Paycheck...errr...whole foods a week ago. it's going to be like a little time capsule. i was a different person when i knew her (fresh to the big city out of small town central illinois).
beyond that, i've gotta get some slides taken of my art for my Around the Coyote festival application..
i don't even have a decent camera, so that's gonna take some work...
but it's worth it.

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