Thursday, May 01, 2003 last time it had been awhile since I'd posted...and this time even longer...
i swear i mean to post more & i DO have things goin on, but i just can't get myself to sit & write at the computer much these days.
so, anyway...
Crazy times make for crazy solutions. I've been trying to come up with some, and the process is rather daunting.
so, that are a few things that I'm doing...
1- planting a garden.
2- trying to gather all of that information i've accumulated over the past decade & make good use of it (hopefully in book form but probably starting out as articles)
3- still walking home from work every day ( about 7 or 8 miles)
4- refraining from the ingestion of mind altering substances
5- trying to look everyone i meet or pass on the street in the eyes.
6- attempting to be as kind & gentle as possible (don't take my kindness for weakness)
7- somehow i've been managing to extend my entourage of homeless aquaintences. (it's amazing how much a difference one can make by simply BEING with them & treating them like REAL people)
8- returning to vegetarianism
9- becoming diligent & disciplined in the practice of yoga & other systems of strengthening the body mind & soul on all levels.

i'm sure there are other things i could write about doing too, but you get the drift....

as for artistic projects & what-not...
I'm working ideas thru my head for new visual art (painting, drawing), starting to work on updating my website & creating a new one for my friend crystal, preparing to create the score/soundtrack for a local independent film, finishing up songs for my own new cd, attempting to reinvent my living space (this one seems to be the most frustrating).

the last year has been quite intense & challenging.
it's now been a little over a year since i lost my younger brother to an auto accident. it's also been a little over a year since I met the best friend I've ever had (and co-gardener! :) )
i feel like i've got a lot to say but don't know where to start, so i'll leave it at this for now & promise myself that i will post at least once a week from here on out...
peace & love to everyone in these troubled times. STAY VIGILANT AND TRUST YOURSELF!

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