Monday, July 14, 2003

well...once again i lapse in my postings.
oh well...
the garden is growing wonderfully.
we've already harvested some spinach, the squash & pumpkin vines are out of control, the cukes are blooming, the blackbeans are growing, the peas are get the idea ;)

it's been a tumultuous couple months. feel like i've been spun round, over & in a spiral.
love does crazy things to ya....that's all i've gotta say.
i've applied for the Around the Coyote arts festival which is this fall and also am selling goods at Northhalsted Market Days with my friends crystal & patricia. patty is making vegan soaps, crystal is making clothing & accessories, and i'm making a bunch of small paintings & such. i was going to make hand dyed & painted sarongs, but i simply don't have the time this season to learn the technologies (the street fair is only three weeks away!)
so much to do, so little time.
my friend ami g is wanting to start a collaborative musical project with me. i think as long as her & i can maintain a balance in input we'll make some awesome music.
i think for the first time I'm having to learn to schedule my life!

i don't know if i like that! maybe it's just laziness...or fear of success?
whatever...i've gotta get over it.

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