Wednesday, August 27, 2003


well, had a surprising weekend.
my good friend michelle came in to visit from St. Paul and her, my ex stacie & I all went to the grand opening party for my friend margaret's new handmade shoe store, Traipse.
it was a really good time. met some wonderful people and even had a good ol' conspiracy/gnosis argument.
i feel a bit guilty about how i dealt with that conversation, i let my aries passionate hot headedness get the best of me, but i know i made my points clearly. just could have been a bit more "gentle" about it.
i've been spending the last few days working on the new website again. hope to at least post a working version by the end of the week. so many images to resize! so much content to fill!
plus getting things together for Around the Coyote
i'm a bit nervous about talking about my art. i'm sure it will go well though.
been working the ideas for the graphic novel too. it's really starting to come together. (in my head at least)

yesterday was my best friend sweet p's birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!). unfortunately, things are at a place right now where i can't celebrate with her easily. sometimes i could just slap myself for making situations awkward.
oh well..i'm only human.and we'll just leave it at that.

crystal & patty are showing their knitties & patty's soap this coming weekend at Womyn's Fest.
those two make the most amazing & beautiful stuff.
i'm addicted to patty's soaps (Scrub No Evil ), the lather is simply amazing.
and the scents & can tell they are made with love.