Monday, May 31, 2004

Heavy Rotation

last weeks preferred listening...
artist names go to pages about them...album titles go to album info & listening posts
with downloads when i can find them...
John Arnold - Neighborhood Science
Spacetime Continuum - Double Fine Zone
4hero - the Remix Album Vol.1
Bugz In the Attic - Fabric Live 12
v/a Electric Soul

Friday, May 28, 2004

following suit with my own friday five

My bud danialle has been doing the friday five on her blog for awhile now, and i figured i might as well follow suit :)
1. What was the last TV show you watched?
it was some show on the travel channel this morning while i was getting ready for work. it was a salsa, hot sauce contest & some of them salsas looked damn good!

2. What was the last thing you complained about?
Does this mean in my head or out loud to others?
I would bet it was probably the general lack of respect for others that i experience when dealing with the urban populace.

3. Who was the last person you complimented and what did you say?
hmmm...I'll say when i wrote Janina & told her that I appreciate her strength as an outspoken woman & that I appreciate that she's into crafting, love, and is an exceptional person.

4. What was the last thing you threw away?
the deli envelope that my everything bagel with roasted garlic & olive hummus came in this morning from Beans & Bagels. of personal belongings...a broken lamp & some broken glass from old abandoned art frames.

5. What was the last website (besides this one) that you visited?
Conversations For Exploration with Laura Lee . listened to an interview with Tyler Volk about Climate controversies - global warming, ice ages, etc.
a pretty good interview. I'm liking listening to Laura more than Jeff Rense lately as Jeff can be a little bit on the negative side when it comes to the fate of the world (and also a little on the misguided side when it comes to issues like immigration,patriotism, etc.)

on other topics...I've been trying to be good about ps2 time, but i'm addicted to SSX3. for those of you that aren't familiar, it's a crazy & gorgeous snowboarding game full of all types of insane tricks & a 3 peak mountain that's a blast to explore.
now i just need to get a good platformer like ratchet & clank - i really want to play that whole series. those are my favorite types of games i think.
I'm not really a big fan of first person shooters. especially considering that a fair amount of the game designers are the same people who developed the training simulators for the military. I understand that people should have the freedome to play whatever they want, but i also think that people are EXTREMELY deluded to think that being so immersed in intense violent activities does not have a subconcious negative impact, especially on younger players.
I mean, it's a really mentally & emotionally unbalanced world when a child has seen something like 1300 simulated acts of murder by the time they are a teenager. it's just sick. yet sexuality is a big no no...
for more on the topic of how masochistic & ritually pain centered our culture is, I'd recommend Riane Eisler's book Sacred Pleasure. she is the cofounder with her husband of the Center for Partnership Studies.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

the Geological origins of Violence

This morning I listened to an incredible interview with James DeMeo discussing his research on the history of violence & it's geological origins. a highly recommended listen - here's the link

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

oh those sweet broken beats today's desktime soundtrack is a super sweet broken beat mix courtesy of Broken Beat Radio out of Philly featuring CARTEL 3i of the Lazer Kru spinnin many white label & test pressings from the bugz in the attic crew & more. so sweet indeed!
git on ova and listen to it heeya
the perfect prescription for a morning of frustration with fellow employees! why can't people be responsible & accountable for their actions or lack thereof?
was i really born to make up for the inadequacies of others?
If i chose to believe so it sure would make me at peace with having to do so all of the time!
enough of that...
my walking soundtrack for both yesterday & today is the 4hero remixes double cd.the link has mp3 downloads to check out... cd one is dego & marc mac remixing other peeps work while disc two is others remixing them. today is disc two...can't wait to hear it!

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Daily Soundtracks

Starting today I'm going to post what I've been listening to for the day.
I noticed that i did not do my Heavy Rotaion post last week, so I figure this is a good way to do it.
so, today's Heavy Rotation:
Jeff Rense interviewing Alex Jones
cd playa:
Cosmic Funk
especially check out the Neon Phusion song
I'll post my walking music later this evening...

Monday, May 24, 2004

A productive weekend

wow, I got SO much done this weekend! My apartment is cleaner than it's been in a long time - mainly due to getting rid of clutter.
I did a lot of yardwork too.
Edged & Mulched part of the front yard where kiel runs back & forth.
FOund some cool cocoa bean shell mulch. Smells yummy :)
here are a few pics...

I also did some more work in the garden & cocoa beaned the walkways.
I fenced off another section as well that has a bunch of cilantro growing that reseeded itself from last year.
here are a few garden pics:

A special thank you to Crystal for runnin my ass over to Menards to get the supplies. :^)
you are the best!

Also saw Derek on Saturday night. He came in for one last get together before he heads off to San Fran for his summer masters program. He was kind enough to lend me his ps2 for the summer.
Thank god that I'm already motivated & gung ho about the yardwork! hehe

there's more to tell, but I'm out of steam for now...maybe more later...

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Hello to all ya first timers

Well, since I've been so bad at keeping in touch with so many people over the last year or two, I figured it's be best to simply point y'all in this general direction. If yer interested in keeping up, I'll be posting pretty much daily here: links, what's happening with my art/music/garden/life...
hopefully it'll be at least somewhat interesting to some of you! :)
anyway...browse around & keep coming back.
I'll be adding more links to the sidebar soon too and am planning on having direct links to music downloads of my music & dj mixes as soon as i get more webspace.
till next time...

You've got to be kidding...

I can hardly believe this...
i come into work today & I'm doing last night's closings & find out that i sold another painting! whoohoo!
guess when it rains it storms. was this one:

it is 9"x10" and went for $120.
and i guess it was bought by this guy
who is a professor of law and philosophy at DePaul University College of Law. cool.
it's so awesome to have the extra influx when i'm on the wrong side of broke!

more later....

Wednesday, May 19, 2004


Well, I was out weeding the garden & planting a few things when my neighbor Cynthia comes out & asks if I'd seen the raccoons. I guess there's a family of 'em livin in the next door neighbor's garage. Cynthia is up on the second floor here & she said she saw a 'coon as big as a dog in the oak tree that borders our yard.

These neighbors aren't the most social people & they always let their yard totally overgrow.(and then want to spray a bunch of poison on it!)
I guess that the people that lived there before were an older Japanese couple that had a beautiful traditional Japanese garden. There is still a cherry tree. i guess there was once a plum tree as well.
now there are just a million sumac, maple & oak seedlings & who knows what all's there when it comes to the wild plants.
I know that the lilly of the valley is stretching up the whole sideyard & it's awesome in the spring to wake up to the sound of little birds & the scent of those lotv flowers (i live in the garden apartment so everything is right at window level which noona my cat loves too. she just loves to sit & watch the birds).
it doesn't really surprise me that there are raccoons out there.
I've been seeing possums coming through the yard for the last few years.
it's great to have some wildlife happenin here in the big ol' city.

OH! i can't believe that i almost forgot!
I sold a painting last night! whoohoo!
it was this one:

it's 8"x10" and i got 80 bucks for it...
felt nice. I hadn't sold anything or even thought about my visual art in quite some time..
now to decide whether or not to do Around the Coyote this year...

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

mummies, cold fusion, junk DNA & the milky way

COol! check out some photos of some mummies found in some shafts in Egypt
and here's an interesting page on the current state of cold fusion
and hey, while we're at it...
what's up with "junk" DNA?
I've read a few different things about how it may be possible that it's not the DNA which determines our make up as much as what the proteins decide to do (a reversal of what is commonly believed). I'll have to try to dig up the link on that one...
also, some Australian astronomers have discovered a long outstretched "arm" of our galaxy.

not much exciting happening today...a rather quiet one...kinda nice...

Monday, May 17, 2004

Ahhh..if only all Mondays were like this...

What a great day. it felt great to get up early & i managed to get out of work early too.
When I got home I was happy to discover that a couple ebay items had arrived...
just one more till I'm back to having no transactions in process...gotta take some time off from that. (although I'm tempted to do a little selling again & clearin' out some of my records)
anyway... today I came home to find the Samurai Jack First Season DVD set and the over 900 page book "Forbidden Archeology : The Hidden History of the Human Race" by Michael Cremo & Richard Thompson.
I'm looking forward to reading that & then i want to tackle Cremo's next book which is almost as thick -
"Human Devolution: A Vedic alternative to Darwins Theory"

I also planted some Basil today & took new garden pics

I've still got to plant a few more things...

well, time to decide..Samurai Jack or the Monday night Stargate SG1 marathon...hmmmmm

HunGRy for BrAINs

Well, had an unexpected outing last night.
the one & only Ami Gloria stopped by while out on a bike ride.
she had great timing as I'd just finished eating some awesome fried potatoes & scrambled eggs I'd made (and smoked up the whole apartment brownin those taters!)and before that had just cleared out a bunch of recycling stuff & repotted a bunch of plants that were aching for space.
After hanging out & talkin for awhile we rode our bikes over to the Hungry Brain and had a few drinks & listened to some cool local jazz (thank god it wasn't of the tortured therapy variety). I had a few scotches & started to get loose lipped as I'm apt to do...but i behaved. :)
anyway...Ami is great at puttin up with my onnery side. I like that about her. ;^)
I hadn't seen her in quite awhile, so it was a very nice surprise to get to hang out. The late night bike riding was sweet too.

On Saturday I spent time out in the garden doing some heavy duty weeding. I still need to plant a few of the plots...figure out what the heck I'm planting & get the frikkin seeds. Get on it already, mang!
more pictures & the full list of plant spirits to come.
On the inside I'm growing some thai peppers, spicy spring salad mix, and maybe another herb or two. the peppers are also growing outside but i wanna get those going for ALL seasons.
I'm one of those crazy nutters that eats those dried chilis that are in the thai cashew chicken...uh huh....mmmmmm.

this week I should be getting together a new dj mix & I'm going to try to post it online. stay tuned for more...

Friday, May 14, 2004

good luck, good reading

ah yes....
just got home from a short day at work & my b-band is alive & kickin.
thank you baby jeezus!
now i figure since it's a rainy, lazy day, i'll just kick back with a falafel wrap from beans & bagels, get a lil' jazzed & watch some muppet show episodes. my friend noah has been rotating his entire collection of the dvd's my's disc will feature Elton John, Julie Andrews, and Gene Kelly.
i'd forgotten just how funny the muppet show is. i know i couldn't have gotten half of it when i was a kid. so many adult themes! gotta love it!

update: turned on the boob toob to watch the muppets & sci fi's got Sliders on. damn i miss that show! too bad it's on in the day when i'm normally at work. and no, i ain't goin out & gettin a Tivo just to record sliders! guess i could program the vcr...

also, just received a bunch of robert heinlein paperbacks that i bought on ebay.
The Number of the Beast, Friday, Job : A Comedy of Justice, and The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. I'm so excited to read them. I just read Farnham's Freehold last month & it was great.
also got Zen & the Art of Writing by Ray Bradbury.
i'm psyched. between those & the 900+ page Forbidden Archeology book that should arrive any day I"ve got lots & lots of readin to look forward to.

Rainy Dayz

It's great that we are finally getting some rain around here.
I'm sure my garden is VERY happy.
It'd been teasing for a few days: a storm passing north, a storm passing south...
I'm sure there will be plenty of weeding & yardwork to do this weekend.

on another note, I'm hoping that my broadband luck is not running out.
when i got up this morning, no connection. doh!
ya see, (and i hope i'm not jinxing myself) i haven't gotten a bill in almost 3 years for the service. it's as if i simply disappeared from their billing database.
Of course, I'm not about to say which company. I'll just say that if they ever demand backpayment, I'll tell them that I'll give the money directly to the local cable access network since this company doesn't seem to feel obligated to pay it's legal responsibility to public access TV.
i mean , why the hell should i have to give them money if they feel they don't have to pay their bills & fulfill their responsibility to the local community?
all i know is that if my luck comes to an end, it's gonna hurt figurin in a monthly fee for that too. I've been spoiled.
so wish me luck (knock on wood)

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Heavy Rotation

Hidee Ho.
thought it was about time for my first installment of Heavy Rotation.

every once in awhile I'll be posting a list of what's currently making the roundy round on the turntables & in the portable (still usin the ol' cd playa. no bling bling debt inducing ipod here my friends)

Links are to artist /label sites or to online retailers that have stream audio samples.

two wonderful resources for buying Broken Beat/ Nujazz /NuGroove/ Leftfield Electonica/ rare groove, funk, jazz D'n'B, etc. are

Dusty Groove Records
- an unbelievably in depth searchable site. ail order or in store pickup if
you happen to live in Chicago
Groove Distribution
- you need a $25 a year membership to buy from here, but you won't miss a thing,
get 10% off, and have first picks of new arrivals.

first comes the pedestrian soundtracks...

what i've been listening to most on my walks. in no particular order

1-stateless: the art of no state
lovely electronic soul & future boogie
2-afronaught: shaping fluid
early broken beat spaceout. a sweet ebay find
3-Beanfield: Seek
the perfect soundtrack to the springtime rollercoaster of love
4-Mark De Clive-Lowe presents: Melodious Beats Volume 1
an outstanding collection of Mark De Clive-Lowe singles, remixes, and collaborations.
my current favorite
5- my April dj mix. (maybe i'll get it online sometime)

spinnin on da tables...

1. Mark De Clive-Lowe: Chocolate Sunday
2. Swell Session vs. Ernesto's : Let Me Decide ( 3.7M mp3 link from label site)
this track is the frikkin bomb.i just can't get enough of it!
3. Ayro : ElectronicLoveFunk
4. Domu : Up+Down
5. Beatless: Life Mirrors
6. jeff sharel : organic dancin'

so, there ya go for now.
i'll give weekly updates on the tunes.
i really want to get a dj mix archive going as well...gotta get the server
later gator.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Garden pics V2

here are some more garden pictures that i took this evening.

the green pathway is the area that is the walkway. i was going to put down some sort of mulch, but i kinda like the effect of the small "weeds". if i keep them under control, they just may make a great bedding to kneel on

in the center of the second pic is the mesclun mix. i need to fill in the open spots with the next rotation.
the area to the right is where the arugula is. when i was weeding the other day i couldn't tell what was what in that section, but now the arugula is showing itself & i'll be able to weed out the rest. tedious work...

last is the longshot looking east. the bamboo teepees are for cucumbers on the right & pole beans on the back left near the compost can.

I'll post a full list of what's growing in the next day or two.

garden pics V1

here's a brief garden update.
more to come...

early layout...

getting the general layout & fence set up...

ready for planting...

all of these pics are from April.
I've planted & weeded since. I'll get new pics taken tomorrow.
ciao for now...