Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Garden pics V2

here are some more garden pictures that i took this evening.

the green pathway is the area that is the walkway. i was going to put down some sort of mulch, but i kinda like the effect of the small "weeds". if i keep them under control, they just may make a great bedding to kneel on

in the center of the second pic is the mesclun mix. i need to fill in the open spots with the next rotation.
the area to the right is where the arugula is. when i was weeding the other day i couldn't tell what was what in that section, but now the arugula is showing itself & i'll be able to weed out the rest. tedious work...

last is the longshot looking east. the bamboo teepees are for cucumbers on the right & pole beans on the back left near the compost can.

I'll post a full list of what's growing in the next day or two.

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  1. Hey man! Like the site....I'll be checking regularly.