Thursday, May 13, 2004

Heavy Rotation

Hidee Ho.
thought it was about time for my first installment of Heavy Rotation.

every once in awhile I'll be posting a list of what's currently making the roundy round on the turntables & in the portable (still usin the ol' cd playa. no bling bling debt inducing ipod here my friends)

Links are to artist /label sites or to online retailers that have stream audio samples.

two wonderful resources for buying Broken Beat/ Nujazz /NuGroove/ Leftfield Electonica/ rare groove, funk, jazz D'n'B, etc. are

Dusty Groove Records
- an unbelievably in depth searchable site. ail order or in store pickup if
you happen to live in Chicago
Groove Distribution
- you need a $25 a year membership to buy from here, but you won't miss a thing,
get 10% off, and have first picks of new arrivals.

first comes the pedestrian soundtracks...

what i've been listening to most on my walks. in no particular order

1-stateless: the art of no state
lovely electronic soul & future boogie
2-afronaught: shaping fluid
early broken beat spaceout. a sweet ebay find
3-Beanfield: Seek
the perfect soundtrack to the springtime rollercoaster of love
4-Mark De Clive-Lowe presents: Melodious Beats Volume 1
an outstanding collection of Mark De Clive-Lowe singles, remixes, and collaborations.
my current favorite
5- my April dj mix. (maybe i'll get it online sometime)

spinnin on da tables...

1. Mark De Clive-Lowe: Chocolate Sunday
2. Swell Session vs. Ernesto's : Let Me Decide ( 3.7M mp3 link from label site)
this track is the frikkin bomb.i just can't get enough of it!
3. Ayro : ElectronicLoveFunk
4. Domu : Up+Down
5. Beatless: Life Mirrors
6. jeff sharel : organic dancin'

so, there ya go for now.
i'll give weekly updates on the tunes.
i really want to get a dj mix archive going as well...gotta get the server
later gator.

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