Monday, May 17, 2004

HunGRy for BrAINs

Well, had an unexpected outing last night.
the one & only Ami Gloria stopped by while out on a bike ride.
she had great timing as I'd just finished eating some awesome fried potatoes & scrambled eggs I'd made (and smoked up the whole apartment brownin those taters!)and before that had just cleared out a bunch of recycling stuff & repotted a bunch of plants that were aching for space.
After hanging out & talkin for awhile we rode our bikes over to the Hungry Brain and had a few drinks & listened to some cool local jazz (thank god it wasn't of the tortured therapy variety). I had a few scotches & started to get loose lipped as I'm apt to do...but i behaved. :)
anyway...Ami is great at puttin up with my onnery side. I like that about her. ;^)
I hadn't seen her in quite awhile, so it was a very nice surprise to get to hang out. The late night bike riding was sweet too.

On Saturday I spent time out in the garden doing some heavy duty weeding. I still need to plant a few of the plots...figure out what the heck I'm planting & get the frikkin seeds. Get on it already, mang!
more pictures & the full list of plant spirits to come.
On the inside I'm growing some thai peppers, spicy spring salad mix, and maybe another herb or two. the peppers are also growing outside but i wanna get those going for ALL seasons.
I'm one of those crazy nutters that eats those dried chilis that are in the thai cashew chicken...uh huh....mmmmmm.

this week I should be getting together a new dj mix & I'm going to try to post it online. stay tuned for more...

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