Wednesday, May 26, 2004

oh those sweet broken beats today's desktime soundtrack is a super sweet broken beat mix courtesy of Broken Beat Radio out of Philly featuring CARTEL 3i of the Lazer Kru spinnin many white label & test pressings from the bugz in the attic crew & more. so sweet indeed!
git on ova and listen to it heeya
the perfect prescription for a morning of frustration with fellow employees! why can't people be responsible & accountable for their actions or lack thereof?
was i really born to make up for the inadequacies of others?
If i chose to believe so it sure would make me at peace with having to do so all of the time!
enough of that...
my walking soundtrack for both yesterday & today is the 4hero remixes double cd.the link has mp3 downloads to check out... cd one is dego & marc mac remixing other peeps work while disc two is others remixing them. today is disc two...can't wait to hear it!

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