Monday, May 24, 2004

A productive weekend

wow, I got SO much done this weekend! My apartment is cleaner than it's been in a long time - mainly due to getting rid of clutter.
I did a lot of yardwork too.
Edged & Mulched part of the front yard where kiel runs back & forth.
FOund some cool cocoa bean shell mulch. Smells yummy :)
here are a few pics...

I also did some more work in the garden & cocoa beaned the walkways.
I fenced off another section as well that has a bunch of cilantro growing that reseeded itself from last year.
here are a few garden pics:

A special thank you to Crystal for runnin my ass over to Menards to get the supplies. :^)
you are the best!

Also saw Derek on Saturday night. He came in for one last get together before he heads off to San Fran for his summer masters program. He was kind enough to lend me his ps2 for the summer.
Thank god that I'm already motivated & gung ho about the yardwork! hehe

there's more to tell, but I'm out of steam for now...maybe more later...

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