Wednesday, May 19, 2004


Well, I was out weeding the garden & planting a few things when my neighbor Cynthia comes out & asks if I'd seen the raccoons. I guess there's a family of 'em livin in the next door neighbor's garage. Cynthia is up on the second floor here & she said she saw a 'coon as big as a dog in the oak tree that borders our yard.

These neighbors aren't the most social people & they always let their yard totally overgrow.(and then want to spray a bunch of poison on it!)
I guess that the people that lived there before were an older Japanese couple that had a beautiful traditional Japanese garden. There is still a cherry tree. i guess there was once a plum tree as well.
now there are just a million sumac, maple & oak seedlings & who knows what all's there when it comes to the wild plants.
I know that the lilly of the valley is stretching up the whole sideyard & it's awesome in the spring to wake up to the sound of little birds & the scent of those lotv flowers (i live in the garden apartment so everything is right at window level which noona my cat loves too. she just loves to sit & watch the birds).
it doesn't really surprise me that there are raccoons out there.
I've been seeing possums coming through the yard for the last few years.
it's great to have some wildlife happenin here in the big ol' city.

OH! i can't believe that i almost forgot!
I sold a painting last night! whoohoo!
it was this one:

it's 8"x10" and i got 80 bucks for it...
felt nice. I hadn't sold anything or even thought about my visual art in quite some time..
now to decide whether or not to do Around the Coyote this year...

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