Friday, May 14, 2004

Rainy Dayz

It's great that we are finally getting some rain around here.
I'm sure my garden is VERY happy.
It'd been teasing for a few days: a storm passing north, a storm passing south...
I'm sure there will be plenty of weeding & yardwork to do this weekend.

on another note, I'm hoping that my broadband luck is not running out.
when i got up this morning, no connection. doh!
ya see, (and i hope i'm not jinxing myself) i haven't gotten a bill in almost 3 years for the service. it's as if i simply disappeared from their billing database.
Of course, I'm not about to say which company. I'll just say that if they ever demand backpayment, I'll tell them that I'll give the money directly to the local cable access network since this company doesn't seem to feel obligated to pay it's legal responsibility to public access TV.
i mean , why the hell should i have to give them money if they feel they don't have to pay their bills & fulfill their responsibility to the local community?
all i know is that if my luck comes to an end, it's gonna hurt figurin in a monthly fee for that too. I've been spoiled.
so wish me luck (knock on wood)


  1. Hey Mr. Darren...i'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  2. yeah, i'm sure it's just a minor thing...that's usually the case. it's just that every time it happens i start wondering "is this the end?"