Tuesday, June 29, 2004

David Icke reviews Fahrenheit 9/11

here's a review of michael moore's new movie by the one & only David Icke.
I have yet to see the movie & am somewhat reluctant to go see it. I tend to find moore to be an inflammatory simpleton who does not go very deep in his investigations & falls prey to using the same type of inflammatory use of facts that his supposed "enemies" do (i.e. his use of handgun stat's in Bowling for Columbine [using numbers instead of percentages in order to inflate the perception of how many gun related murders happen without taking into account the number per capita] and completely missing the fact that those kids were strung out on anti-depressants & that one of them had lived on airforce bases most of his life, including one that is notorius for mind control experiments, which he told his father he had been made a part of).
anyway...maybe i'll see it, maybe not, but i certainly agree that most americans are simply entertaining themselves & are completely misguided in thinking that george dubya is anywhere even close to in charge of all of this. it's called a figurehead. i think you'd all be a little more effective voting with your dollars than with ballots.
but do what you feel you must...just don't be surprised when the next one stabs ya in the back too. (remember, Kerry is Skull & Bones too...)
I find myself siding an increasing amount with anarchists & libertarians. I'm not sold on the nation state, sorry, but it's too damn big for such a small number of people to control. whatever happened to state's rights? how bout local rights?
how about trying to create organizations to solve problems instead of depending on the government to be your frikkin babysitter you pansies! (sorry, just had to let that out...it's not that i don't have compassion, i probably have more than your average joe, but at some point you've gotta take responsibility for this crap...and the crap you eat that makes you sick, etc. etc.) and if you happen to believe in the mass media, maybe you should take a course on media ethics, or do some reading on mass psychology & how news actually comes into being & the type of editing process that it goes through. the info is out there, all ya gotta do is open your eyes.
oh wait..you're too busy paying off that debt slavery...a method of control that you voluntarily entered into. change your life & you will change the world. nothing else will work. set yourself free. you don't need all of that crap, i mean, really....

BBC NEWS | Health | Scans uncover secrets of the womb

a cool new technology allows for three dimensional imagery of babies in the womb. very cool. check out the article here and be sure to check out the 10 image slideshow too.

Monday, June 28, 2004

new sole

well, i think I've gone sandal crazy this year. I'd put off getting a good pair for a couple of years, but now I've got 3!
the latest are a pair of handmade Cydwoq's that i got from margaret's store Traipse.
super confy, environmentally friendly & stylish all at the same time.
go here to see them...i got the ones called "HUNT".
I've gotta say that I'm really loving spending time with margaret when i see her. she's really come into her own with this store & all. i can tell that she's happier than she's been in awhile & sometimes i hear things come out of her mouth that i never expected. things that make me smile really really big. I've been hanging out with her lil jack . we were talkin ps2 the other day. he says we always have good conversations & now we have games to talk about too. looks like i might have a gaming buddy:)
sometimes life is really surprising & things can kinda come from just where you weren't looking & just overwhelm ya. i love crushin...call me a hopeless romantic or naive about love or whatever ya want, but it sure frikkin feels wonderful! just never thought this crush would get ahold of me like it has. i've got a lot of thinkin to do 'bout this one...
more later...

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

life...that can ya do? (answer- grab it by the horns & ride on) updated

not much happenin in my local world.
finished Ape & Essence already. what an awesome book.
many would think it negative as it points out how profane most relationships so called civilized humans have can be if we do not tend to our inner sense of good & the self empwerment of the individuals choice to live by the ethics of symbiosis rather than survival of the fittest. one can definitely understand the strength of this philosophical backlash that i would venture to guess is fueled by his family's fanatical support of darwin's theories even when darwin started to question his own work. many would take the simple route of understanding with this type of novel & completely miss the main point of what it means to be a human instead of merely a baboon (as the whole beginning of the book satirically & surrealistically portrays)- of what it means to truly become self aware & seek truth & light.
enlightenment doesn't come easy & it most definitely does not involve ego & exploitation.(hence the so called Illuminati are no where near true enlightenment, but as huxley puts in this book [though not in reference to the illuminati but to civilized humanity -which is NOT the entirety of humanity-there are still tribal & hunter/gatherer societies], are fully realizing the wishes of the metaphorical Belial with the zeal of an amped up evangelical fundamentalist minister).
huxley rights the kind of books one can ponder over many times over.and i bet if one comes back to his books years after reading them for the first time that they would understand even more.

in the real world, I've just been workin, gardenin etc.
also, my chaco sandals arrived :) whoohoo!
as well as the vinyl version of stateless -the art of no state
and a promo 10" from kudu of transit/space (kudu being mark de clive lowe, seiji, and domu)

on the dramatic side of life...
my mom called a couple of nights ago to inform me that my sister diana's daughter olivia had to go to the hospital with an absurdly high glycemic index. they've discovered that she's unfortunately got juvenile diabetes. luckily, they caught it in time, but it was a close call.
all of the best & most loving & healing prayers & vibes out to them.
it's unfortunate that i don't get to see my family that often. we've all gone our own directions & it's only on the major holidays that we really get a chance to see each other.
with the economy being the way it is & not being a priviledged family, it's hard to come up with travelling money, or for that matter, even money for a lot of long distance calling. thank god there's at least the web...

i also talked to my mmain man mitch down in key west the other night. seems like no matter how much time there is between when we're in touch we're on the same page.
i'm thinkin it's time for him & i to make plans for another trip like the one we took to albuquerque back in '95. what a trip that was. while on sandia mountain he had the awesome experience of becoming a bear, while i was fortunate to look a mountain lion in the eye, too frikkin cool (popped my first tab in my mouth right after meeting the mountain lion too!<1st of 2 times> talked to the lichen -" you eat the rocks & turn them into soil!" and ran around the top of that mountain like a kid.smiling at pack llamas, picking up people's trash, etc. oh what fun!)

Saturday, June 19, 2004

random finds are the only kind

what an interesting day...
felt restless earlier, so off i went on a walk...
after trying to mow the lawn that is.
THAT was a painful experience. i didn't get to mow because our mower is POSSESSED!
I yanked on that cord to start it and, well, somethings wrong cus it yanked back!
not bad at first, but being one of those stupid male of the species, i tried more than once.
well, on the third time, it yanked back so hard that it smacked my left inner wrist & took off skin & left a nice little purple line up my thumb from where the cord got me too. it smacked it so hard that i wouldn't doubt that there is a minor fracture in there. not enough for the emergency room mind you, but enough to cause some good swelling and a whole hell of a lot of pain!
the swelling has gone down a lot, but it still is sore as hell.

as for the walk...out for an hour circuit around ravenswood & lincoln square, then a brief stop back at home & headed down Clark street.
there was a Cubbies game today, so there were people all over wrigleyville. the kind of people who are singleminded & not paying attention to anything but their fun.
I navigated thru them all & without meaning to do so ended up at one of my favorite used book stores, Bookworks.
browsed around & found more books that I'd like to have tham i had money for, so i settled on two very special finds.
first s Aldous Huxley's book "Ape and Essence". i hadn't heard of this one, but i was nodding & laughing out loud within the first few pages. most definitely one of my favorite authors.
the EXTRA special find was an R. Buckminster Fuller book called "Tetrascroll / Goldilocks and the Three Bears, a Cosmic Fairytale." the Tetrascroll was a collaboration with printmaker Tatyana Grosman & goldy is about how he decided to explain science & the universe to his daughter as if Goldilocks were conversing about it with the 3 bears. it was the beginning of his freeform lecturing style that he became famous for.
I'd go more in depth about the tetrascroll but don't have time right now...
in short, it's out of print & i hadn't heard of it before either. It would be amazing to have one of the 34 original tetrascrolls ( which were printed on 36" multi-hinged equilateral triangles...more later

Thursday, June 17, 2004

sweet! it's teleportation time!

if they work this out it sure would solve the majority of our fuel problems.
instant shipping!
headline links to article

this week's spiraling dilectibles

well, decided to make a trip over to Dusty Groove today for my monthly musical mainline.
the one week of the month i let myself splurge a little more than maybe i should...
here's what's ticklin my eardrums:
Amp Fiddler -Waltz of a Ghetto Fly cd
-yeah i know this is a duplicate. i bought it on vinyl a couple of weeks ago but the cd has about 5 more songs & the price was low. and the extra songs are more than worth it.
think of him as a futuristic stevie wonder
Frederic Galliano & the African DIvas - Sacre Live!
-a sweet blend of west africa & french house.
skRadicals - when will we belong?
- a west london broken beat classic
Peven Everett - testing me 12" & the Studio Confessions cd
Funki Porcini - Fast Asleep on vinyl...for mixing sake..
a mindbending downtempo masterpiece - i recommend the cd/dvd combo on this one
V/A - a 12" featuring Nubian Mindz, Stephane Attias, Domu, and Chateau Flight
Seiji - Into the Now/ Silver Blossoms 12"
- another west london broken beat classic
and to top it all off...
Up Bustle & Out's Urban Evacuation LP
- world traveling, always collaborating boy from Bristol heads to Jamaica for some funky dubby fun.
sorry there's no links, the stoopid blogger interface doesn't give me the tools on my mac... but I'll update when i can...

Rumsfeld ordered 'ghost detainee'

can anyone say "WAR CRIMES"?
One can only hope that these demons that are exploiting people's lives for profit are brought up in a war crimes tribunal. of course, there will probably just be another secret project to whisk them of to a foreign country like there was with the Nazi's after WWII (project paperclip, etc.).
JSYK: whenever there has been a vote for worldwide laws concerning human rights & environmental issues, the good ol' US of A has voted "Nay"- and it does not matter what party was in charge.

and hey, look in the upper right of that BBC page. why is it that South America does NOT have it's own news section while there are 5 divisions for the other hemisphere? can anyone say "unbalanced coverage?"

are we the new enemy?

here's an article in New Science Magazine about some new "non-lethal" crowd control technologies. It's becoming pretty obvious that we are soon going to reach a point where any public display of disagreement with government & corporate policy is going to be illegal & be dealt with by indescriminate force. I would suggest that we all keep up with the military tech revolution (have you seen the complete bodysuits that they are developing for soldiers? the look like imperial stormtroopers!). it's best to know exactly where the MAJORITY of your tax dollars are going. that's right. if you pay taxes, YOU are paying for this.

modern heroes

I just thought this really needs to be mentioned. I could hardly believe that i couldn't find a current article on the fact that a young hero recently passed away.His name is Donnie Hauser-Richerme here is the link to the original story (CNN.com - Boy on life support after saving girl - Jun 10, 2004)
maybe some adults could stand to learn from the children.
also, this morning on I-55 just south of Chicago, a good samaritan was hit & killed while attempting to cross the expressway to help another motorist who's car had caught fire.
and some people think chivalry is dead...
remember, no matter what the media & such want you to believe, there are more angels out there than demons. they just tend to go unnoticed...
peace & love to all of those who selflessly give themselves in the service of life & love, and may we all learn from their examples.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

laid back

well, no big ranting posts today.
actually, not much to post at all.
We're supposed to get a hell of a lot more rain here today & tomorrow with more flood warnings. damn.it always worries me being in the garden apartment & all. but so far so good. the place was sealed before right before my ex stacie & i moved in, so it should all be good.
it actually flooded the day that we signed our lease, which ended up working in our favor as we ended up getting all new carpet.
speaking of carpet, why is it in a city of millions i can't seem to find a replacement belt for my dirt devil MVP vac? grrrr....been to something like 4 different hardware stores.
guess i'm going to have to make the trip over to the specialty vac shop. oh well. it's just not a good idea to not be able to vaccuum when one has a longhaired cat & it's getting warmer every day...can you say kitty hair everywhere?

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

future fiction function

after reading the d'ster's blog today (thanks for the link to mine once again!)and checking out the daily dirt stuff, I've just gotta add a little more of my own predictions.
First off, i'm strangely addicted to eschatology (end scenarios -armageddon, 2012, etc.)but over the last half year I've been getting sick & tired of the BS people have been pulling. David Booth is a great example of this (do a goog search)as are whitley streiber & art bell.(the reason i say that they are BSers is because they use inflammatory rhetoric in covering & exposing this stuff instead of being balanced)
If one really wants to understand the strangenes of this stuff, i highly recommend the book "The Stargate Conspiracy" by Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince. it covers the possible scam behind the "new egyptology" among other things, especially the disturbing history & connections between psychedelic research, remote viewing (both heavily involving the Stanford Research Institute & the Esalen Institute - not to say all that these inst. do is underhanded by any means), the new age movement & the "Council of Nine". a further & more in depth criticism of that book can be found here.
For those not familiar with the authors, they have written books on the Shroud of Turin & in the wake of the "DaVinci Code" craze, their book "the Templar Revelation" which covers the historical side of the topics covered in "...Code" has risen to be a best seller in the "New Age" book category
sidenote: it is extremely important to remember that it does not matter whether or not YOU believe in weird occult things unless you are deciding the fate of civilization. what matters is what our leaders & decision makers believe in, because the majority of the human race has given them free reign in determining the state of "reality"- the world & how we view & experience it. if you don't believe this, ask yourself who designed the actual spaces you occupy on a daily basis. I'll bet it wasn't you but urban planners, civil engineers & architects - meaning they determine how you experience the world through the medium of the types of space you may occupy - ever notice how scarce public spaces are becoming? there's actually a move in some cities to have corporate subsidies of parks which would in effect turn them into private property in which the "owner" would be solely able to determine what types of activities may occur there & would be able to have people arrested for trespassing, but i digress...)

anyway...on a more secular bend:
I've been predicting for the last year or two that there will NOT be free elections this year. There will be some sort of catastrophe that just happens to be at the exact right time to convince people to give up their rights & keep that moron puppet in the oval orifice.
also,rumor has it that Michael Moore is going to show his true colors in his new movie by suggesting that the U.S. gov. is so far corrupted that maybe the United Nations should step in & take over (remember, i said rumor). think about this one, a combination of telling people that the public should have no guns & that we should let a non elected organization take over the country (that means NO democracy).
I'm no patriot by any means, i'm rather cosmically minded, i'm not even a humanist. But I do believe in freedom in the widest sense (freedom with responsibility, of course).
We're continuing to build new things using the old mindset while it becomes increasingly apparent that those ways are quickly becoming obsolete. we need to return to Visionary Problem Solving, not backwards looking idiocy.
but let's see what happens. I'l bet ya it going to be an interesting year whatever comes into being. just keep yer head up & try to celebrate life instead of death & fear. i think that's what living is all about. :)
but then again, maybe it's me that's full of BS ;^)


here's an interesting article on the supposed plan to depopulate the world through force. the Executive Intelligence review & Lonnie Wolfe are affiliated with that always controvercial Lyndon LaRouche. I'm not necessarily a big fan of these guys, but they're on top of a lot of stuff researchwise. here's the link to the article
here is also an article that shows the idea in action - a UNICEF polio vaccine used in Nigeria was found to be contaminated with sterilizing agents. some of you may be turned off that the news is on a Christian website while others of you may find that to be comforting. whatever. the fact of the matter is that this crap should NOT be going on!

on another topic...thanks go out to Danialle for passing along my previously posted link to the John Taylor Gatto interviews on Lauralee.com about the history of our educational system & also for posting the link to "The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America"
While i was getting my bagel this morning, i heard on NPR that there is a lawsuit over the excessive use of force on children in our schools that has been filed by the NAACP. They said that force is being used on children as young as ten to keep them in line including handcuffing. think about this...a TEN YEAR OLD being handcuffed in school for acting up.
since when have our children become our enemies?
between the prison states of so much of the school system and the coercive mass drugging of children in order to modify their behavior, it's no wonder that these kids are turnign violent & not wanting to cooperate with "the system".
wanna know why? because they can see through the BS and no that the majority of what they are being fed is an absolute lie! they see how unhappy their parents are with their work/slave lifestyles & the massive debt that they incur & know inherently that there is some thing obscenely wrong with our culture & the lack of value it puts on humans in the process of maintaining the worship of profit. life is NOT about good profitable business, it is not about exploitive relationships. it is about community & building strong honorable long lasting connections.
while listening to NPR on saturday, they were talking about Costco & how they have higher wages & full health care paid by the company. when the PR guy for Costco was asked about it & how it led to there being less profit for shareholders due to these benefits, his response was unbelieveble to me. he said that they are not trying to be altruistic, but simply do good business.
since when is being altruistic a negative things? When did we as a society decide that the profit of shareholders (who I'm sure do NOT have to worry about their own health care) is more important than the basic needs of other people? how much more vain, selfish & exploitive can we become?
and then people wonder why things like 9/11 happen. they happen because Americans tend to be ignorant callous fools that are completely self centered. they do not ever ask deep questions & tend to be extremely shallow in their understanding of very important issues. this even rings true for the supposedly educated specialists. i can sit & listen to these talking heads go on about whatever it is they "specialize" in & totally pick apart their shortsightedness & inablilty to see beyond their own programming...and remember, that's exactly what it is-programming. their education has indoctrinated them into very specific lenses through which they experience & interpret reality.
even when it comes to "political activists" and humanitarian groups there is a very shallow understanding. it amazes me.
all i know is that if we really want relationships & a world that means something, we need to stop having such profane & meaningless relationships with EVERYTHING in the world.
Life is a gift, a miracle, not a curse.
free yourself from the cynicism & nihilismos brought down on us by those damn existentialist philosophers. they have done us more harm than good. i mean , why would anyone subscribe to philisophies that drove most of their creators either mad or to self destruction. to me all this says is that THEIR PHILOSOPHIES DO NOT WORK IN REAL LIFE!
wow, well, i didn't really expect to rant on like that, but there ya go.
make of it what you will. all i know is that I'm taking responsibility for my decisions & how i interact with the cosmos. it's time to stop making excuses about why we can't have the world we want & start creating it ourselves. no one is going to do it for us....
on that note...here's a link to a site that's all about investment communities & moving back to localized economies not controlled by the major multinational banking institutions . the site is SOLARI
BTW..the fed's gave that big ol Morgan Chase Bank the go ahead to buy Bank One & become the second largest banking institution in the world with assets of over $1.1 trillion. they will be getting rid of aprox. 10,000 jobs as well. but hey, bet they'll be more profitable (as if a fiat lending bank can't be profitable -if you do not understand what fiat lending is, educate yourself IMMEDIATELY (they only have to actually have 10% of what they actually loan, meaning that 90% of all loaned money is created out of thin air - and you are paying interest on it..which means there is ALWAYS more money going INTO the banking system than there is Leaving.)
wow, if you made it to the botom of this post, I'm proud of you ;^)

Sunday, June 13, 2004

mesclun madness

well, i harvested the mesclun lettuce on saturday. holy crap is there a lot of it!
looks Like I'll be eating a lot of salads over the next few days.
i had to thin out the plants too, there were just too many/too cramped.
it led to some of the plants not having as strong/crisp of leaves as i think they could have.
I also planted 4 more tomato seedlings that sandra (marg's mom who lives on the 3rd floor of our building)bought at a yard sale & asked me to plant for her. i believe she said that they were "big boy" variety.
i have a feeling that in a few months the garden is going to be overflowing with goodies & greenery :)

Last night i watched Pretty in Pink with Margaret & her family. i hadn't seen that movie in a loooong time. it was pretty entertaining. she ordered a big pizza for all of us. a pretty good time i must say. i always enjoy spending time with her :)
she keeps telling me to get my butt on over to her shoe store - Traipse - to pick out a pair of nice sandals (nice being handmade & expensive but really really nice). she's going to give me a greaet deal on them & i really love some of the styles of the Cydwoq sandals that are made in california. they'd be great for going out & casual wear, but I think I'll be getting a pair of resoleable Chacos for the harder wear & weather.

I also made a trip to Village Discount thrift store & picked up a couple of nice shirts & a pair of those dorky convertible pants that the bottoms zip off of to turn them into shorts. they make a great pair of shorts i must say. i don't really care how dorky they may be ;^)

Friday, June 11, 2004

Garden pics from June 9th, 2004

thought I'd post the newest batch of garden pics. you can view the older pics in the May archive on this page (down there in the lower right column.)

first is a long shot looking east

and this is one section that includes broccoli on the far right (just starting to emerge),radishes which are flourishing, next to them is spinach just sprouting.
above that are a couple of strawberry plants to the left & garlic to the right with the back section being where i just planted the zuccini & summer squash.

black beans in the back (right side) with carrots needing thinned

beets (early furthest away , gourmet variety closest) that are next to the carrots & the almost barren spot is where the arugula is starting to sprout

the mesclun mix of greens is more than ready for first harvest :^)

across from the mesclun is the basil (multiple varieties) which is just sprouting

and to the right of that are the grape tomato (from sarter plants), gourmet cherry tomato & roma tomato plants (from seed) and possibly a hungarian sweet bell pepper plant if it ever gets going...

the pole beans are taking off! vines are growing at least 6" a day, I'd say...

the hard gourds are starting to take off too

and this is a patch of cilantro that reseeded itself from last year (i've planted the tobacco & wild dagga in this area as well).
if you look in the other pictures, you might notice that there is cilantro in corners & borders all over the place

and last but certainly not least are the cucumbers which have thai peppers sprouting in the area in the center front

Art becomes the next suspect in America's 9/11 paranoia

an article about the overreaching paranoia of our current culture. just wait till they don't even have to convict you to hold you indefinitely...posting title leads ya to the article (or click here)

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

What's In Da Garden

ok, so I'm going to finally attempt to make a list of what i planted this year...
I'm not at home, so I'm not going to get exact with names...
here goes:
-black beans
-beets , both early and a gourmet variety
-green onions (scallions)
-wild arugula (supposedly a spicier variety)
- a mesclun lettuce mix (about 5 varieties in there & already ready for first harvest...time for salads!)
-tomatoes, a gourmet cherry tomato mix (a few diff. plants) and also larger size "grape" tomatos & some roma's from seed
-cilantro that reseeded itself everywhere from last year (i didn't have to plant any of it, just choose where i wanted to let it grow)
-basil (multiple varieties)
-muskmelon (canteloupe)
-2 different types of hard gourds (bowl shaped & hourglass shaped) for fall art projects :^)
- pole beans (scarlet emperor)
-summer squash
-zuccini squash
-strawberries (already bloomin!)
-tobacco (yep...supposed to have beautiful nighttime flowers that are heavily scented)
-Wild Dagga (a south african bush used for tea & smoking, a euphoriant)
i may add a few more herbs to the garden. i've still got some space.
I'll post some new pics in the next few days as things are really taking root & growing like mad (especially the pole beans!!!! i'd swear 6" since yesterday!)


WOW!!!! you have GOT to listen to this:
Laura Lee interviews John Taylor Gatto
an incredible two part interview discussing the historical origins of our educational system & how & why it is designed the way it is.
prepare yourself because you may have very mixed feelings about it afterwards. i mean, what is one supposed to think when one realizes that they are raised to be little machines for the state/ corporate religion (economics).
don't miss these interviews!

Sunday, June 06, 2004

another weekend gone...

wow those weekends just fly by!
feels like i diodn't do a thing!
but, i did get some round wire tomato plant frames, planted some summer squash & zuccini to finish off the empty spaces in the garden.
also planted a few sunflowers in the back area near the yard compost heap.
oh yeah...and yesterday i had the pleasure of burying a little squirrel. :(
it was right outside of m,y front side window & i'm wondering what happened...was it the dog? did it fall? was it a cat? maybe one of the raccoons? who knows?
I'm betting that it was the squirrel that lived in our front oak tree though. Noona has always loved watching the squirrels run around. sometimes i think she actually picked up on their behaviours cus she's a damn squirrely cat!
anyway, i just dug a whole in the ground right next to where it lay & placed it nicely inside & covered it. no biggie. kiel watched the whole thing & was sniffin around, so i don't think he's going to dig it up. he seemed to be a little upset that the squirrel was there.
still haven't decided on a good location to grow poppies. i was thinking front yard, but there's just too much shade. the 3 big oaks i the yard make it hard to find a really sunny spot. even the garden only really gets direct light in the morning & late day (which will be good in mid summer as the heat wont be as intense on some of the plants).
that's really about all I've got to tell for this weekend.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

New Listening Pleasures

made the trip down to Groove Distribution last night & picked up a few nice vinyl spiral platters:
the Cousin Cockroach (dego) & Shox (kaidi tatham)12" my hi-fi (listen)
Cosmosis (featuring domu, kaidi, and mark de clive lowe)- Tell Her 12" (listen)
Jazzanova's remix of Nuspirit Helsinki's "Honest" which also features a great live take on "SEIS POR OCHO " by Azymuth
Neon Phusion's dbl LP -The Future Ain't The Same as it Used 2 B
Amp Fiddler's LP - Waltz of a Ghetto Fly.

I think it's high time i did another mix cd....