Sunday, June 06, 2004

another weekend gone...

wow those weekends just fly by!
feels like i diodn't do a thing!
but, i did get some round wire tomato plant frames, planted some summer squash & zuccini to finish off the empty spaces in the garden.
also planted a few sunflowers in the back area near the yard compost heap.
oh yeah...and yesterday i had the pleasure of burying a little squirrel. :(
it was right outside of m,y front side window & i'm wondering what happened...was it the dog? did it fall? was it a cat? maybe one of the raccoons? who knows?
I'm betting that it was the squirrel that lived in our front oak tree though. Noona has always loved watching the squirrels run around. sometimes i think she actually picked up on their behaviours cus she's a damn squirrely cat!
anyway, i just dug a whole in the ground right next to where it lay & placed it nicely inside & covered it. no biggie. kiel watched the whole thing & was sniffin around, so i don't think he's going to dig it up. he seemed to be a little upset that the squirrel was there.
still haven't decided on a good location to grow poppies. i was thinking front yard, but there's just too much shade. the 3 big oaks i the yard make it hard to find a really sunny spot. even the garden only really gets direct light in the morning & late day (which will be good in mid summer as the heat wont be as intense on some of the plants).
that's really about all I've got to tell for this weekend.

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