Tuesday, June 29, 2004

David Icke reviews Fahrenheit 9/11

here's a review of michael moore's new movie by the one & only David Icke.
I have yet to see the movie & am somewhat reluctant to go see it. I tend to find moore to be an inflammatory simpleton who does not go very deep in his investigations & falls prey to using the same type of inflammatory use of facts that his supposed "enemies" do (i.e. his use of handgun stat's in Bowling for Columbine [using numbers instead of percentages in order to inflate the perception of how many gun related murders happen without taking into account the number per capita] and completely missing the fact that those kids were strung out on anti-depressants & that one of them had lived on airforce bases most of his life, including one that is notorius for mind control experiments, which he told his father he had been made a part of).
anyway...maybe i'll see it, maybe not, but i certainly agree that most americans are simply entertaining themselves & are completely misguided in thinking that george dubya is anywhere even close to in charge of all of this. it's called a figurehead. i think you'd all be a little more effective voting with your dollars than with ballots.
but do what you feel you must...just don't be surprised when the next one stabs ya in the back too. (remember, Kerry is Skull & Bones too...)
I find myself siding an increasing amount with anarchists & libertarians. I'm not sold on the nation state, sorry, but it's too damn big for such a small number of people to control. whatever happened to state's rights? how bout local rights?
how about trying to create organizations to solve problems instead of depending on the government to be your frikkin babysitter you pansies! (sorry, just had to let that out...it's not that i don't have compassion, i probably have more than your average joe, but at some point you've gotta take responsibility for this crap...and the crap you eat that makes you sick, etc. etc.) and if you happen to believe in the mass media, maybe you should take a course on media ethics, or do some reading on mass psychology & how news actually comes into being & the type of editing process that it goes through. the info is out there, all ya gotta do is open your eyes.
oh wait..you're too busy paying off that debt slavery...a method of control that you voluntarily entered into. change your life & you will change the world. nothing else will work. set yourself free. you don't need all of that crap, i mean, really....

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