Tuesday, June 15, 2004


here's an interesting article on the supposed plan to depopulate the world through force. the Executive Intelligence review & Lonnie Wolfe are affiliated with that always controvercial Lyndon LaRouche. I'm not necessarily a big fan of these guys, but they're on top of a lot of stuff researchwise. here's the link to the article
here is also an article that shows the idea in action - a UNICEF polio vaccine used in Nigeria was found to be contaminated with sterilizing agents. some of you may be turned off that the news is on a Christian website while others of you may find that to be comforting. whatever. the fact of the matter is that this crap should NOT be going on!

on another topic...thanks go out to Danialle for passing along my previously posted link to the John Taylor Gatto interviews on Lauralee.com about the history of our educational system & also for posting the link to "The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America"
While i was getting my bagel this morning, i heard on NPR that there is a lawsuit over the excessive use of force on children in our schools that has been filed by the NAACP. They said that force is being used on children as young as ten to keep them in line including handcuffing. think about this...a TEN YEAR OLD being handcuffed in school for acting up.
since when have our children become our enemies?
between the prison states of so much of the school system and the coercive mass drugging of children in order to modify their behavior, it's no wonder that these kids are turnign violent & not wanting to cooperate with "the system".
wanna know why? because they can see through the BS and no that the majority of what they are being fed is an absolute lie! they see how unhappy their parents are with their work/slave lifestyles & the massive debt that they incur & know inherently that there is some thing obscenely wrong with our culture & the lack of value it puts on humans in the process of maintaining the worship of profit. life is NOT about good profitable business, it is not about exploitive relationships. it is about community & building strong honorable long lasting connections.
while listening to NPR on saturday, they were talking about Costco & how they have higher wages & full health care paid by the company. when the PR guy for Costco was asked about it & how it led to there being less profit for shareholders due to these benefits, his response was unbelieveble to me. he said that they are not trying to be altruistic, but simply do good business.
since when is being altruistic a negative things? When did we as a society decide that the profit of shareholders (who I'm sure do NOT have to worry about their own health care) is more important than the basic needs of other people? how much more vain, selfish & exploitive can we become?
and then people wonder why things like 9/11 happen. they happen because Americans tend to be ignorant callous fools that are completely self centered. they do not ever ask deep questions & tend to be extremely shallow in their understanding of very important issues. this even rings true for the supposedly educated specialists. i can sit & listen to these talking heads go on about whatever it is they "specialize" in & totally pick apart their shortsightedness & inablilty to see beyond their own programming...and remember, that's exactly what it is-programming. their education has indoctrinated them into very specific lenses through which they experience & interpret reality.
even when it comes to "political activists" and humanitarian groups there is a very shallow understanding. it amazes me.
all i know is that if we really want relationships & a world that means something, we need to stop having such profane & meaningless relationships with EVERYTHING in the world.
Life is a gift, a miracle, not a curse.
free yourself from the cynicism & nihilismos brought down on us by those damn existentialist philosophers. they have done us more harm than good. i mean , why would anyone subscribe to philisophies that drove most of their creators either mad or to self destruction. to me all this says is that THEIR PHILOSOPHIES DO NOT WORK IN REAL LIFE!
wow, well, i didn't really expect to rant on like that, but there ya go.
make of it what you will. all i know is that I'm taking responsibility for my decisions & how i interact with the cosmos. it's time to stop making excuses about why we can't have the world we want & start creating it ourselves. no one is going to do it for us....
on that note...here's a link to a site that's all about investment communities & moving back to localized economies not controlled by the major multinational banking institutions . the site is SOLARI
BTW..the fed's gave that big ol Morgan Chase Bank the go ahead to buy Bank One & become the second largest banking institution in the world with assets of over $1.1 trillion. they will be getting rid of aprox. 10,000 jobs as well. but hey, bet they'll be more profitable (as if a fiat lending bank can't be profitable -if you do not understand what fiat lending is, educate yourself IMMEDIATELY (they only have to actually have 10% of what they actually loan, meaning that 90% of all loaned money is created out of thin air - and you are paying interest on it..which means there is ALWAYS more money going INTO the banking system than there is Leaving.)
wow, if you made it to the botom of this post, I'm proud of you ;^)

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  1. Thank goodness some people get it. And thank goodness people like you care enough to help the rest of us out to understand it.

    Preach on.