Tuesday, June 15, 2004

future fiction function

after reading the d'ster's blog today (thanks for the link to mine once again!)and checking out the daily dirt stuff, I've just gotta add a little more of my own predictions.
First off, i'm strangely addicted to eschatology (end scenarios -armageddon, 2012, etc.)but over the last half year I've been getting sick & tired of the BS people have been pulling. David Booth is a great example of this (do a goog search)as are whitley streiber & art bell.(the reason i say that they are BSers is because they use inflammatory rhetoric in covering & exposing this stuff instead of being balanced)
If one really wants to understand the strangenes of this stuff, i highly recommend the book "The Stargate Conspiracy" by Lynn Picknett & Clive Prince. it covers the possible scam behind the "new egyptology" among other things, especially the disturbing history & connections between psychedelic research, remote viewing (both heavily involving the Stanford Research Institute & the Esalen Institute - not to say all that these inst. do is underhanded by any means), the new age movement & the "Council of Nine". a further & more in depth criticism of that book can be found here.
For those not familiar with the authors, they have written books on the Shroud of Turin & in the wake of the "DaVinci Code" craze, their book "the Templar Revelation" which covers the historical side of the topics covered in "...Code" has risen to be a best seller in the "New Age" book category
sidenote: it is extremely important to remember that it does not matter whether or not YOU believe in weird occult things unless you are deciding the fate of civilization. what matters is what our leaders & decision makers believe in, because the majority of the human race has given them free reign in determining the state of "reality"- the world & how we view & experience it. if you don't believe this, ask yourself who designed the actual spaces you occupy on a daily basis. I'll bet it wasn't you but urban planners, civil engineers & architects - meaning they determine how you experience the world through the medium of the types of space you may occupy - ever notice how scarce public spaces are becoming? there's actually a move in some cities to have corporate subsidies of parks which would in effect turn them into private property in which the "owner" would be solely able to determine what types of activities may occur there & would be able to have people arrested for trespassing, but i digress...)

anyway...on a more secular bend:
I've been predicting for the last year or two that there will NOT be free elections this year. There will be some sort of catastrophe that just happens to be at the exact right time to convince people to give up their rights & keep that moron puppet in the oval orifice.
also,rumor has it that Michael Moore is going to show his true colors in his new movie by suggesting that the U.S. gov. is so far corrupted that maybe the United Nations should step in & take over (remember, i said rumor). think about this one, a combination of telling people that the public should have no guns & that we should let a non elected organization take over the country (that means NO democracy).
I'm no patriot by any means, i'm rather cosmically minded, i'm not even a humanist. But I do believe in freedom in the widest sense (freedom with responsibility, of course).
We're continuing to build new things using the old mindset while it becomes increasingly apparent that those ways are quickly becoming obsolete. we need to return to Visionary Problem Solving, not backwards looking idiocy.
but let's see what happens. I'l bet ya it going to be an interesting year whatever comes into being. just keep yer head up & try to celebrate life instead of death & fear. i think that's what living is all about. :)
but then again, maybe it's me that's full of BS ;^)

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