Friday, June 11, 2004

Garden pics from June 9th, 2004

thought I'd post the newest batch of garden pics. you can view the older pics in the May archive on this page (down there in the lower right column.)

first is a long shot looking east

and this is one section that includes broccoli on the far right (just starting to emerge),radishes which are flourishing, next to them is spinach just sprouting.
above that are a couple of strawberry plants to the left & garlic to the right with the back section being where i just planted the zuccini & summer squash.

black beans in the back (right side) with carrots needing thinned

beets (early furthest away , gourmet variety closest) that are next to the carrots & the almost barren spot is where the arugula is starting to sprout

the mesclun mix of greens is more than ready for first harvest :^)

across from the mesclun is the basil (multiple varieties) which is just sprouting

and to the right of that are the grape tomato (from sarter plants), gourmet cherry tomato & roma tomato plants (from seed) and possibly a hungarian sweet bell pepper plant if it ever gets going...

the pole beans are taking off! vines are growing at least 6" a day, I'd say...

the hard gourds are starting to take off too

and this is a patch of cilantro that reseeded itself from last year (i've planted the tobacco & wild dagga in this area as well).
if you look in the other pictures, you might notice that there is cilantro in corners & borders all over the place

and last but certainly not least are the cucumbers which have thai peppers sprouting in the area in the center front

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