Wednesday, June 16, 2004

laid back

well, no big ranting posts today.
actually, not much to post at all.
We're supposed to get a hell of a lot more rain here today & tomorrow with more flood warnings. always worries me being in the garden apartment & all. but so far so good. the place was sealed before right before my ex stacie & i moved in, so it should all be good.
it actually flooded the day that we signed our lease, which ended up working in our favor as we ended up getting all new carpet.
speaking of carpet, why is it in a city of millions i can't seem to find a replacement belt for my dirt devil MVP vac? grrrr....been to something like 4 different hardware stores.
guess i'm going to have to make the trip over to the specialty vac shop. oh well. it's just not a good idea to not be able to vaccuum when one has a longhaired cat & it's getting warmer every day...can you say kitty hair everywhere?

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