Wednesday, June 23, 2004

life...that can ya do? (answer- grab it by the horns & ride on) updated

not much happenin in my local world.
finished Ape & Essence already. what an awesome book.
many would think it negative as it points out how profane most relationships so called civilized humans have can be if we do not tend to our inner sense of good & the self empwerment of the individuals choice to live by the ethics of symbiosis rather than survival of the fittest. one can definitely understand the strength of this philosophical backlash that i would venture to guess is fueled by his family's fanatical support of darwin's theories even when darwin started to question his own work. many would take the simple route of understanding with this type of novel & completely miss the main point of what it means to be a human instead of merely a baboon (as the whole beginning of the book satirically & surrealistically portrays)- of what it means to truly become self aware & seek truth & light.
enlightenment doesn't come easy & it most definitely does not involve ego & exploitation.(hence the so called Illuminati are no where near true enlightenment, but as huxley puts in this book [though not in reference to the illuminati but to civilized humanity -which is NOT the entirety of humanity-there are still tribal & hunter/gatherer societies], are fully realizing the wishes of the metaphorical Belial with the zeal of an amped up evangelical fundamentalist minister).
huxley rights the kind of books one can ponder over many times over.and i bet if one comes back to his books years after reading them for the first time that they would understand even more.

in the real world, I've just been workin, gardenin etc.
also, my chaco sandals arrived :) whoohoo!
as well as the vinyl version of stateless -the art of no state
and a promo 10" from kudu of transit/space (kudu being mark de clive lowe, seiji, and domu)

on the dramatic side of life...
my mom called a couple of nights ago to inform me that my sister diana's daughter olivia had to go to the hospital with an absurdly high glycemic index. they've discovered that she's unfortunately got juvenile diabetes. luckily, they caught it in time, but it was a close call.
all of the best & most loving & healing prayers & vibes out to them.
it's unfortunate that i don't get to see my family that often. we've all gone our own directions & it's only on the major holidays that we really get a chance to see each other.
with the economy being the way it is & not being a priviledged family, it's hard to come up with travelling money, or for that matter, even money for a lot of long distance calling. thank god there's at least the web...

i also talked to my mmain man mitch down in key west the other night. seems like no matter how much time there is between when we're in touch we're on the same page.
i'm thinkin it's time for him & i to make plans for another trip like the one we took to albuquerque back in '95. what a trip that was. while on sandia mountain he had the awesome experience of becoming a bear, while i was fortunate to look a mountain lion in the eye, too frikkin cool (popped my first tab in my mouth right after meeting the mountain lion too!<1st of 2 times> talked to the lichen -" you eat the rocks & turn them into soil!" and ran around the top of that mountain like a kid.smiling at pack llamas, picking up people's trash, etc. oh what fun!)

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  1. So sorry about your family. Mucho vibes sent from this blogger to you as well.

    That Albequerque trip is a story I'm going to definitely have to hear more about.

    Do tell.