Sunday, June 13, 2004

mesclun madness

well, i harvested the mesclun lettuce on saturday. holy crap is there a lot of it!
looks Like I'll be eating a lot of salads over the next few days.
i had to thin out the plants too, there were just too many/too cramped.
it led to some of the plants not having as strong/crisp of leaves as i think they could have.
I also planted 4 more tomato seedlings that sandra (marg's mom who lives on the 3rd floor of our building)bought at a yard sale & asked me to plant for her. i believe she said that they were "big boy" variety.
i have a feeling that in a few months the garden is going to be overflowing with goodies & greenery :)

Last night i watched Pretty in Pink with Margaret & her family. i hadn't seen that movie in a loooong time. it was pretty entertaining. she ordered a big pizza for all of us. a pretty good time i must say. i always enjoy spending time with her :)
she keeps telling me to get my butt on over to her shoe store - Traipse - to pick out a pair of nice sandals (nice being handmade & expensive but really really nice). she's going to give me a greaet deal on them & i really love some of the styles of the Cydwoq sandals that are made in california. they'd be great for going out & casual wear, but I think I'll be getting a pair of resoleable Chacos for the harder wear & weather.

I also made a trip to Village Discount thrift store & picked up a couple of nice shirts & a pair of those dorky convertible pants that the bottoms zip off of to turn them into shorts. they make a great pair of shorts i must say. i don't really care how dorky they may be ;^)

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  1. Hey, those shorts/pants aren't dorky! It's all I wear!

    ;) I say, ingenious...not dorky.