Thursday, June 17, 2004

modern heroes

I just thought this really needs to be mentioned. I could hardly believe that i couldn't find a current article on the fact that a young hero recently passed away.His name is Donnie Hauser-Richerme here is the link to the original story ( - Boy on life support after saving girl - Jun 10, 2004)
maybe some adults could stand to learn from the children.
also, this morning on I-55 just south of Chicago, a good samaritan was hit & killed while attempting to cross the expressway to help another motorist who's car had caught fire.
and some people think chivalry is dead...
remember, no matter what the media & such want you to believe, there are more angels out there than demons. they just tend to go unnoticed...
peace & love to all of those who selflessly give themselves in the service of life & love, and may we all learn from their examples.


  1. I've tried more than once to find out Donnie Hauser's status. Your site seems to literally be the only place on the web with the latest and very sad news of his passing. I am equally upset that Donnie has not received the honor and attention deserved for his incredible act of bravery and sacrifice - that news organizations didn't make it front page, headline news and follow-up on it is inexcusable and perhaps says something about people and society of today. I was wondering where you found out about his passing??

  2. i found out on the local chicago morning news, channel 9 (WGN)i think