Monday, June 28, 2004

new sole

well, i think I've gone sandal crazy this year. I'd put off getting a good pair for a couple of years, but now I've got 3!
the latest are a pair of handmade Cydwoq's that i got from margaret's store Traipse.
super confy, environmentally friendly & stylish all at the same time.
go here to see them...i got the ones called "HUNT".
I've gotta say that I'm really loving spending time with margaret when i see her. she's really come into her own with this store & all. i can tell that she's happier than she's been in awhile & sometimes i hear things come out of her mouth that i never expected. things that make me smile really really big. I've been hanging out with her lil jack . we were talkin ps2 the other day. he says we always have good conversations & now we have games to talk about too. looks like i might have a gaming buddy:)
sometimes life is really surprising & things can kinda come from just where you weren't looking & just overwhelm ya. i love me a hopeless romantic or naive about love or whatever ya want, but it sure frikkin feels wonderful! just never thought this crush would get ahold of me like it has. i've got a lot of thinkin to do 'bout this one...
more later...

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