Saturday, June 19, 2004

random finds are the only kind

what an interesting day...
felt restless earlier, so off i went on a walk...
after trying to mow the lawn that is.
THAT was a painful experience. i didn't get to mow because our mower is POSSESSED!
I yanked on that cord to start it and, well, somethings wrong cus it yanked back!
not bad at first, but being one of those stupid male of the species, i tried more than once.
well, on the third time, it yanked back so hard that it smacked my left inner wrist & took off skin & left a nice little purple line up my thumb from where the cord got me too. it smacked it so hard that i wouldn't doubt that there is a minor fracture in there. not enough for the emergency room mind you, but enough to cause some good swelling and a whole hell of a lot of pain!
the swelling has gone down a lot, but it still is sore as hell.

as for the walk...out for an hour circuit around ravenswood & lincoln square, then a brief stop back at home & headed down Clark street.
there was a Cubbies game today, so there were people all over wrigleyville. the kind of people who are singleminded & not paying attention to anything but their fun.
I navigated thru them all & without meaning to do so ended up at one of my favorite used book stores, Bookworks.
browsed around & found more books that I'd like to have tham i had money for, so i settled on two very special finds.
first s Aldous Huxley's book "Ape and Essence". i hadn't heard of this one, but i was nodding & laughing out loud within the first few pages. most definitely one of my favorite authors.
the EXTRA special find was an R. Buckminster Fuller book called "Tetrascroll / Goldilocks and the Three Bears, a Cosmic Fairytale." the Tetrascroll was a collaboration with printmaker Tatyana Grosman & goldy is about how he decided to explain science & the universe to his daughter as if Goldilocks were conversing about it with the 3 bears. it was the beginning of his freeform lecturing style that he became famous for.
I'd go more in depth about the tetrascroll but don't have time right now...
in short, it's out of print & i hadn't heard of it before either. It would be amazing to have one of the 34 original tetrascrolls ( which were printed on 36" multi-hinged equilateral triangles...more later

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  1. I'd say the stars were aligned. What great finds!