Thursday, June 17, 2004

this week's spiraling dilectibles

well, decided to make a trip over to Dusty Groove today for my monthly musical mainline.
the one week of the month i let myself splurge a little more than maybe i should...
here's what's ticklin my eardrums:
Amp Fiddler -Waltz of a Ghetto Fly cd
-yeah i know this is a duplicate. i bought it on vinyl a couple of weeks ago but the cd has about 5 more songs & the price was low. and the extra songs are more than worth it.
think of him as a futuristic stevie wonder
Frederic Galliano & the African DIvas - Sacre Live!
-a sweet blend of west africa & french house.
skRadicals - when will we belong?
- a west london broken beat classic
Peven Everett - testing me 12" & the Studio Confessions cd
Funki Porcini - Fast Asleep on vinyl...for mixing sake..
a mindbending downtempo masterpiece - i recommend the cd/dvd combo on this one
V/A - a 12" featuring Nubian Mindz, Stephane Attias, Domu, and Chateau Flight
Seiji - Into the Now/ Silver Blossoms 12"
- another west london broken beat classic
and to top it all off...
Up Bustle & Out's Urban Evacuation LP
- world traveling, always collaborating boy from Bristol heads to Jamaica for some funky dubby fun.
sorry there's no links, the stoopid blogger interface doesn't give me the tools on my mac... but I'll update when i can...

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