Tuesday, June 08, 2004

What's In Da Garden

ok, so I'm going to finally attempt to make a list of what i planted this year...
I'm not at home, so I'm not going to get exact with names...
here goes:
-black beans
-beets , both early and a gourmet variety
-green onions (scallions)
-wild arugula (supposedly a spicier variety)
- a mesclun lettuce mix (about 5 varieties in there & already ready for first harvest...time for salads!)
-tomatoes, a gourmet cherry tomato mix (a few diff. plants) and also larger size "grape" tomatos & some roma's from seed
-cilantro that reseeded itself everywhere from last year (i didn't have to plant any of it, just choose where i wanted to let it grow)
-basil (multiple varieties)
-muskmelon (canteloupe)
-2 different types of hard gourds (bowl shaped & hourglass shaped) for fall art projects :^)
- pole beans (scarlet emperor)
-summer squash
-zuccini squash
-strawberries (already bloomin!)
-tobacco (yep...supposed to have beautiful nighttime flowers that are heavily scented)
-Wild Dagga (a south african bush used for tea & smoking, a euphoriant)
i may add a few more herbs to the garden. i've still got some space.
I'll post some new pics in the next few days as things are really taking root & growing like mad (especially the pole beans!!!! i'd swear 6" since yesterday!)


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