Wednesday, July 28, 2004

releasing the unneeded

Just wanted to let all of my wonderful friends know that I am going to start going through all of my books & cd's & start thinning out the collection.
I'll be selling all that i get rid of at decent prices. (and bartering too!)
music:vinyl from the early nineties ala stereolab, early ambient dub/trip hop & orb stuff,spacemen 3, maybe some spiritualized if i can get myself to part with it.
cd's will mostly be mid nineties to present electronica of various sorts & a few rare spiritualized cd's.
books: mostly esoteric / spirituality / metaphysics books with a sprinkling of futurist & media criticism books.
it's gonna be tough to part with these, but I think i need to. i can't be haulin around a reference library for my whole life.
I'm going to eventually put it all on ebay, so if anyone wants to know what i have beforehand, let me know by e-mailing me at delogan(at) (not a link so that bot's cannot harvest the address for spam)
I'm also getting rid of a couple pair of sandals.
a pair of chaco terrano z1's that are size 10 wide.
and also a pair of ecco mens sandals size 43 (10).
both are excelent sandals, but are a bit too big for me (that's what i get for buying online)
if intereseted in either of these let me know asap as they are going on ebay very soon.
I'll be compiling lists soon enough (what a chore that will be!)
if anyone knows a good place to buy cardboard record mailers in chicago, let me know.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Criticism of Tommorrow's God

ok, so I've been slackin on the postings on the weekends & beginning of the week.
oh well...
I haven't felt pulled to the computer lately. matter of fact, I'm not enjoying my time on it too much.
Guess it's part of the zen feeling I've been not thinking about lately.
I just read "Tomorrow's God" by Neale Donald Walsch
a great and inspiring book, but I found it to be a little oversimplified & shortsighted.
Between this book & the Daniel Quinn books I think I could make a good outline of what I feel they do not cover or that I feel I could elaborate on in ways that they do not see & end up writing my book.
While I was reading Tomorrow's God, I kept feeling as if he was saying things that I've been thinking & talking a little bit about over the lst few years, but Walsch was saying them in a much narrower context, not recognizing the fact that he contradicts himself in believing that God is infinite yet he goes on to explain that maybe everyone should have electricity & have what one could consider "civilized" means of living. This COMPLETELY ignores the fact that there are other ways of being that represent differing paths to the oneness of the new spirituality that he is presenting. He seems to maintain the western ethic of "I know what's good for you" while trying to let go of it at the same time & I felt that he never resolved this conflict of thought. He is also extremely short sighted & simplistic when he purports that humans already know how to solve all of our problems. he makes simplistic statements about us having solved some major dilemmas we face but gives NO examples & does not recognize the fact that there is a difference between a solution that works long term & a solution that works right now.
His philosophy is headed in the right direction, but he doesn't quite make it to where he seems to be heading.
I'll just say that this is the first book that I think I am going to actively mark up - that is -footnote & add to, as I find that it is very very incomplete. The problem that I continually find with this type of philosophy/ belief (and this stands for both walsch & quinn) is that they always seem to fall for the lowest instead of the highest.
I'll explain it like this...
both present unity consciousness, so to speak. Quinn in the form of animism, taking a more secularized route of explanation & rooting it in the material world; Walsch in an almost taoist form but still latching tightly onto the anthropomorphic idea of deity. Both describe a oneness that flows through all things.I agree with them on that. Where I differ is in the description. To both of these authors, the idea that humans are not holy, that they are the same as the animals, is an important point. They are correct, but they use an extremely negatively loaded language to describe something that is miraculous when described in the proper light. I understand their reactionary stance is due to certain civilized humans exploiting the idea of humans being MORE holy or divine than the rest of the material world, which has led to a profaning of the interactions between humans and the rest of creation, which is in their philosophy, separate from themselves (I believe they are mistaken in this belief). The way in which W & Q present their oneness ideas is done in a judgmental language which is meant to chastise humans for their arrogance. I believe this is wrongheaded.
I would explain it like this. It's not that humans are any LESS divine, holy, etc., but that everything else is just as divine as we are. NO THING IS HOLIER OR MORE DIVINE THAN ANYTHING ELSE.
It is the only thing one can believe if they believe in oneness, or in a god that is all things, all knowing, etc.
for there can be no thing that is not god. Even a pile of crap is god.
Why do I believe this? Because pragmatically, it is the ONLY spiritual belief that can lead to living in harmony with the natural systems of which we are a part of. It only follows that if everything is seen as divine, that our relationships to everything will change. If one understands that every bit of packaging, every bit of fuel, every single person, plant, animal, and earth are all manifestations of god, how can one be so thoughtless & profane in the way in which they treat such things? This is the inner answer to the outer problem of lack of recognition between differences. We are all manifestations of the one that is all things. This One manifests in infinite forms. That is it's very nature. (it is actually incorrect to use a pronoun to describe "it") To be against any of these manifestations (to be against ANYTHING, actually) is to be against the oneness that connects everything. We must understand that everything external is a representation of something that needs to be worked on internally. We need to stop looking for outward solutions & lookin inside. and to stop using outer technologies in an attempt to solve internal problems.
All in all though, I thought that Walsch's book is a great starting point for those who are of a more traditional religious persuasion. One step at a time.
There are a gazillion takes on reality & the truth & when it comes down the survival of our species, we really need to start looking deep & asking how these beliefs affect our survivability...figure out "what works" and what does not. The main key in being critical of all belief systems is to ask whether or not the main tenet is unconditional love/ oneness. if not, it's probably more of a political system disguised as spirituality being used to control mass populations (or smaller groups too)
I'm currently reading Bodhidharma: the Greatest Zen Master by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh.
I'm diggin the zen. good stuff, but yet again, I find myself being more broadminded (of course, in zen one is attempting to enter a state of no-mind).
There just ends to be a sense of ignoring the fact that one must eat when it comes to pure spiritual philosophy.
anyway..enough jibber jabber for now.
still gotta get gardening pics together.
like I said, not really enjoying the computer lately, so, maybe i'll get motivated to tweak pics, maybe not...we'll see later

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Examples that Mass Microchipping is Becoming a Reality

a couple of articles about Tony Blair wanting to tag criminals & have them tracked 24/7 via GPS:
(article 1)(article 2)
Next we have Mexican Officials Microchipping themselves:
Then there are the Japanese schoolkids who are getting microchipped:
and here is a link to multiple article links at alex jone's
(articles link)
I'll try to post more on this later.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

cool cukes

Well, had my first cucumber harvest (2).
and they're big ones too!
also harvested radishes, more greens, and spinach, lots of basil...
I have pics i still need to prep for the web.
I'm bettin there are more cukes ready today.
We've been getting a good alternation of wet/ sunny & hot weather.
An animal of some sort ate the tops of almost all of my blackbeans. :^(
I think that the birds are eatin all of the pole beans. oh well....
I'm more into the growing thing. I think I'll be using the cukes as bartering goods.
Oh yeah...the beets are lookin ready to harvest too.
time for some juicin.
Have been feelin a bit run down the last few days.
Actually went to bed at 7:30 last night or something like that.
felt good to get the sleep.
Finished Ratchet & Clank over the weekend & ebayed " R & C Going Commando" to continue the fun.
Gotta pick up Beyond Good & Evil too. I've heard nothing but good things about that game.
more later...?

Friday, July 16, 2004

Monsanto vs Schmeiser

you absolutely MUSTCHECK THIS OUT!
one of the 4 horsemen has taken stride as Canada's Supreme Court decides that Famine (Monsanto) can own life.
have you heard of terminator seeds? (seeds that MUST have a chemical additive to survive). Monsanto has given us the plant kingdom's version of AIDS.
in the case put before canada's supreme court, some of Monsanto's genitically engineered canola seeds had spread (via natural means -wind, etc.) onto a farmer's property. Monsanto sued saying that this farmer, Percy Schmeiser, stole these patented seeds due to the fact that he does not have a contract with Monsanto.
This is probably one of the most important legal decisions of this century (yeah, i know we are only 4 years in, but this decision will resonate throughout the agricultural industry. it is becoming increasingly apparent that Monsanto & the like seek to own ALL seeds & have TOTAL control of the world's food supply. the ultimate in Taker mentality)

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Hail Storm In Edmonton

in the Whitley Streiber newsletter yesterday there were stories of the increasing amount of severe weather that has been occurring.
One of the stories was that Edmonton, Alberta had a freak "once in 200 years" storm that poured down 45 inches(!) of precipitation, most being in the form of hail. As it melted , there was flooding in areas there hadn't been flooding in before.
well, i found some pics! see them here
here's a yahoo news article that sounds a bit more realistic at 6"

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

bucky stamp follow-up

well, i went & got the stamps.
the two women behind the counter found the head disturbing. one said it reminded her ofa killer in some movie, she thinks Pet Cemetery.
but she said even though she didn't like the head, she thought he should have a stamp after reading what he'd done (on the back of the stamp).
so, now that i've got them, maybe you'll be getting some mail...

R. Buckminster Fuller Commemorative Postage Stamp Issued by U.S. Postal Service

check it out! tha man himself is has a stamp! whoohoo!

love the geo-dome-head, too funny!
that's the dymaxion house behind & to the left & the 3 wheeled dymaxion car in front.
also love the helicarried dome to show the portability of his designs.
more info here
I'm on my way to buy a few sheets right now...
i really want it poster size! ;^)

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Depleted Uranium: The Trojan Horse of Nuclear War

don't know about depleted uranium? here's a great article.
Depleted Uranium: The Trojan Horse of Nuclear War LEUREN MORET / World Affairs ? The Journal of International Issues 1jul04
also check out a site that she is involved with here

did you know that the Carlyle Group:
- owns 70% of Lockheed Martin
- owns Sandia Labs, maker of nuclear weapons triggers
- recently purchased Lowes Theater

Monday, July 12, 2004

new posts to come...

no time to do an in depth post rigt now, but i wanted to let y'all know that I've taken some new garden pics & that I'm going to expand further on some of the ideas presented in my "on inspired action" post.
interesting to note that I've had two different friends present the yahoo news article about the possible plan to postpone the Nov. elections.
interesting to note due to the fact that I've been saying for at least the last 2 years that there are not going to be free elections this time around.
heck, i think i've been saying that since september 11, 2001.
more on all this & more in coming posts.
I'm also going to be adding some new links to the right hand column of this page, including links to some friends' blogs.
stay tuned... ;^)

Thursday, July 08, 2004

on inspired action (updated)

Yesterday I was reading kitten's blog
and it inspired me to attempt to get together my thoughts on simple, yet effective means of activism.
I've been meaning for quite awhile to create a pamphlet/ tri-fold flyer that simply presents some really basic ideas and questions that seem to escape many activists. The idea came to me when i realized that it's difficult to get many of these simple things across to activists on the street.
Here in Chicago there is an army of summer workers seeking to persuade people to give them their money for their cause. Greenpeace, PIRG, and the Democratic National Committee being the main 3 i see most often.
Being that i walk home, i will sometimes be acosted by up to three packs of them a day.
The difficulty is in relaying to them that i understand what they are trying to do & that i applaud them for it, but that in reality, their mode of operations/tactics aren't really that effective.
Sure they do get some things done, but they keep fighting a losing battle. Why losing? because they are fighting. They do not ask themselves if their tactics are effective. Instead, there is a tendency to think & talk about things instead of there being direct action. It's about getting money to pay someone else to do what needs to be done instead of going & tackling the problem yourself.
One of the best resources I've come across when it comes to problem solving & the ideas of implementing it on a broad & effective scale is R. Buckminster Fuller. I mean , the guy was a genius! Thing is, he based his effective adult life on one premise that proved itself to him in actuality. Whenever he did things with the intention of bettering his own or his family's situation,the venture would inevitably fail, causing harm to those around him & himself. When he decided to live a life of service, with the intention of betting things for the world at large, he was amazingly successful & effective.
It really is as simple as this:(i.e.) instead of complaining that there is litter around & waiting for someone else to clean it up, pick it up yourself.
If you see a problem that you feel you have a solution to, implement that solution or try to find someone else who can if you are not able to.
It's about reclaiming the world. It's all of our birthright.
as a collective, we summon up the visions which create the reality in which we reside. When we do not claim that right, we allow others to take charge of our lives & determine not only the fate of our lives & the types of choices we have available, but we pass that on to the future generations as well.
The 1900's seemed to be about an emotional awakening. as we passed through the century, each successive generation grasped their emotional and intellectual responsibilities a little bit more. It took a long time for the American psyche to shake off the insanity of the World Wars, and that generation hasn't begun to leave it's children alone yet to form their own way of doing things. Instead they seek to impose their own belief systems on youth using truly draconian & underhanded (yet usually subconsciously created) means.
Something important for the older generations to ponder: If you are wiser that your children & their children, then we are devolving - getting weaker & stupider. The next generation is ALWAYS more capable than the last.
I think one great big misconception that occured at the end of last century was that the younger generations had no ethics: work or otherwise.(think especially the so called gen-x and gen-y)
This just shows how completely brainwashed the older generations are.
Here's how i see it.
A generation finally arose that had the majority of it's childhood free from war (except for the psych ops program called the "cold war"). Older generations tend to get self righteous about having suffered. sorry, but it does not make you a better person or have more right to anything. there are infinite ways to suffer & infinite ways of joy. the point is moot. the truth is that the post war generation & their parents as well have for the most part completely shirked their responsibilities towards their own emotional problems & any type fo inner work & are trying to pass on their mental & emotional illnes to their children through the implementation of regressive policies in government, education, physical & mental health, etc.
Don't believe it? then i ask you why is it that so many people need to be medicated in order to be even remotely close to what is sold to us as "healthy" or "in balance"?
the problem is not you. the problem is our way of life. not the law, not religion, not the media. I'm talking the whole shabang.
the problem is not that children have ADD or whatever they feel like calling it these days, it's that the educational system is completely out of synch with reality & the learning capabilities of today's youth. The problem is not that these children are out of control, but that they see straight through their parent's bullshit lies about how to live a happy life (believe me, they can tell that their parents have followed false dreams of happiness & success), and they utterly REFUSE to follow in their footsteps. They are one of the very first generataions to say "NO" in a way that could change the face of civilization if the adults listened & learned. Instead, they are fed full of behavior modification drugs, told that they have something wrong with them, and are cursed to live a life negatively altered by their body chemistry being altered & brain patterns being chemically changed. "Don't spank 'em, drug 'em" so to speak.
There is ample evidence coming to light that the use of B.M. drugs such as ritalin, prozac, etc. are having major negative effects, leaving people unable to cope with emotions, especially anger & frustration, and even leaving these individuals walking around in a semi hypnotized state due to the chemicals & hormones that regulate sleep being out of whack. Some believe that this is one of the main causes of viloent outbursts in add/hdd kids. They have for the most part lost the ability to distiguish between the waking & dream states.

Civilization as we live it, based on survival of the fittest (instead of survival of the symbiotic),that we are basically flawed & evil (thank you monotheism),work ethic (a protestant & religious ethic which has been modernly mistaken as a secular idea that is a "given"), property rights, freedom to do as one pleases regardless of how it negatively inpacts others (and not just humans), the abstract concept of fiat lending (lending what does not exist & demanding interest on it)and the worship of economy. According to Bucky Fuller, something like 80% of the work force uses more resource than they produce. tehse are jobs like office jobs, etc. He says ( backs up his argument- see his book Critical Path)that we would be better off paying them NOT to go to work. it would be more effecient. We also have a HUGE problem with abstract worth (salaries,& cost of goods being two good examples). I don't think that people realize how much many everyday items ACTUALLY cost to produce. The majority of mainstream products in western civilization are SUBSIDIZED. That means that your taxes are paying for part of your gas.
Ity really really pisses me off to hear ANYONE moan about gas prices. have you ever thought of what it actually entails for you to get that poison? If an automobile were anything other than the main mode of transportation (which it became in large part due to oil & auto manufactureres buying & dismantling public transit systems), It would already be highly illegal. how many lives do they take a year? how much poison do they spit in the air? how much waste do they create? think about it, every single part that goes into it. follow it backwards. where did it come from? how was it created? what kind of labor was used?( slave labor? child labor? sweatshop labor? prison labor? most of your clothes were probably made by people who are suffering & underpaid. THAT is the true cost of discount clothing & mass manufacturing.the walmarts, H&M's GAP's etc. of the world are basically enslaving people so that you can look good. the cost of your vanity just might be global suffering.)
what raw materials went into it? how much energy was used in its production? were there any toxic byproducts? what is the lifespan of those toxins? what happens to all of the materials when i am done using the product & discard it? how much of it is reused or recycled?
How big is your own personal trashpile if your garbage was never hauled away?
one last thing for today...
the horror of mutual funds & non responsible investing.
the truth of "wall street" 401k's etc. is this:
When one puts money in an investment fund & does not ehtically choose where that money is being invested, that person is basically saying this:
"I don't care where my money goes as long as i make a profit. i don't care if children suffer, people are poisoned, the environment is destroyed, or if it's invested in programs to drug our children both literally & figuratively into a zombified state. just give me my fuckin money when i retire. let the future generations figure out how to clean up the mess."
yeah, it might seem harsh, but not nearly as harsh as the evil that is ignorance & the unwillingness to seek the truth.
those who do not are the real terrorists. for they are the ones who prop up a system designed to exploit the many for the profit of the few.
forget the pyramid. that type of heirarchy is a method of enslavement. think about it like this: when one moves up a pyramid, there is a narrowing of focus,a decrease in experiencial possibilities. on the flipside, there is the nested heirarchy, which is the basic structure of the universe. it consists of spheres within spheres. i can also have pyramids within the spheres, but these pyramids do not have a 4 sided base. they are tetrahedrons having no up & down, just like the spheres. the pints of the pyramids all touch the spheres creating joining points that are ever changing & forever adaptable. the simplest way to describe a nested heirarchy is cosmically. start with the atom (or smaller yet). a bunch of those make up molecules which make up cells which make up organs which make up organisms, which make up communities which make up worlds which make up solar systems which make up galaxies which make up universe.there are no cells that "rule" over others the way humans do, planets do not rule over one another, galaxies do not rule over one another. together, equally, they create a whole that worls TOGETHER in symbiosis balancing life & death, creation & entropy in a spiral dance that is the most beautiful thing imaginable.
but here we are in our civilization, thinking we are the totality of humanity (error #1 and HUGE error at that) and expressing our lives through a system that does not work i symbiosis with the structure of the universe.
yet still, people think they can make change through the current system. no wonder there are so many unbalanced people these days.
there is SO much more i could write about all of this & i will.
I'm planning on a series of essays that i will post on my website & announce the posts here on this blog.
I know that it's a tough world & that many of us have found ourselves in debt slavery & worse. But there is a way out. We've got to start living differently. It's a long process composed of many small steps, but the closer you get to your dreams & the less you live under the spell of civilization, the happier you will be. It may seem that i expect too much of people, but such is not the case. I have a complete understanding that each individual has their own set of trials & tribulations to work through.There is infinite varience. Luckily, we can usually come to some common ground and help each other through just about anything. It's just a matter of not being afraid to do so (to help, to give freely of self).
Patience is the mother of all happiness. Everything takes time, and one never knows exactly how long a journey will be. But it is very important that we do make the journeys and do not let our feear of the unknown keep us from growing & creating a worl that we can truly be happy in & facilitate the happiness of others as well. I'm not talking hedonism. for every hedonist there must be an ascetic (laws of cosmic balance).For every radical leaning one way there must be one leaning the other way to equalize.
so before ya go out & perform some radical acts (if you are someone so inclined to do so), or if you are someone who is represses & extremely conservative, no that you are equally empowering your opposite to exist. In an old mind's view, you are empowering your enemy (the new mind does not believe in enemies because it can see throught the illusion of separation, or other)
anyway...that was a long one wasn't it?

Monday, July 05, 2004

new song download

well, I've posted the very first recording of my new song "Summer Crush".
to download the 3Meg mp3 click here
it's got an early synth thing going on with some tribal drums & stuff. I haven't actually programmed the song & tweaked it yet, so this is an example in its simplest form. enjoy!

Sunday, July 04, 2004

darn that ps2

well, wasted the majority of this weekend playing Ratchet & Clank on the good ol' ps2. havin a blast playin. i did manage to get some garden work in & some house cleaning too.
not much else really.
the last couple of weekends, I've just been taking a little bit of a vacation. i keep having to remind myself that it's ok to do so after working 6 days a week for three months right after working almost a month straight thru.
what i really need is a real getaway...camping & hiking trip preferable. don't foresee it in the near future though unfortunately.
if anyone wants to offer a vehicle for doing so (and to participate in the journey) please don't hesitate!

ph yeah...also started composing a new song. feeling musically inspired right now.
looking forward to my first venture to Sonotheque next weekend for the Vikter Duplaix show. I'm not a big fan of the East Village/ Wicker Park area, but it'll be cool to check it out.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

tha funk soul brotha'

well, gotta say I'm in a much better mood than with the last post!
been watching the Michel Gondry & Spike Jonze Directors series dvd's.
I've been obsessively watching the stuff on the jonze one about the Torrance Community Dance Group. the best though is the audition tape of Rockafella Skank. way too damn amusing to me.
It's been a beautiful week as far as the weather & I've gotta take more garden picks. things are really blooming now.
more later...