Sunday, July 04, 2004

darn that ps2

well, wasted the majority of this weekend playing Ratchet & Clank on the good ol' ps2. havin a blast playin. i did manage to get some garden work in & some house cleaning too.
not much else really.
the last couple of weekends, I've just been taking a little bit of a vacation. i keep having to remind myself that it's ok to do so after working 6 days a week for three months right after working almost a month straight thru.
what i really need is a real getaway...camping & hiking trip preferable. don't foresee it in the near future though unfortunately.
if anyone wants to offer a vehicle for doing so (and to participate in the journey) please don't hesitate!

ph yeah...also started composing a new song. feeling musically inspired right now.
looking forward to my first venture to Sonotheque next weekend for the Vikter Duplaix show. I'm not a big fan of the East Village/ Wicker Park area, but it'll be cool to check it out.

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