Thursday, August 12, 2004


not many posts these days because there's no point in it.
the more i look around & simply witness, the more i see delusion.
especially this political season.
it is one thing to say that you are choosong someone because you have no choice. it is quite another to convince yourself that this person is a positive solution.
either way, we're going to have a skull & bones globalist in charge.
i saw a shirt that said "Kerry Me" and this to me explains it all.
how more co-dependent of a statement can one come up with? (carry me)
seeing all of the canvasers out collecting money & signatures, i came to an interesting thought.
first, i'll say that i am not at all against organizations doing so called "good deeds" ot whatever. but one must realize what the whole donation & signature paradigm means psychologically & the type of mindset it creates & supports.
to put it in simplest terms, Helping others has become a matter of giving money & signing forms. the majority of the populace feels that it is morally & actively divorced from taking any sort of direct action to help others or to feel the responsibility of how their lifestyle effects others. all they have to do is pay someone else to do it & sign off on their responsibility.
"i gave to greenpeace & signed up for a membership, so i'm an environmentalist" bullshit. unless you change your personal relationship to those things thru your $'s and lifestyle choices, you are decidedly NOT.
To me, left & right, liberal & conservative, all that take a particular side are delusional and by definition not enlightened. following either eastern or western mystical traditions (for the west the best example would be alchemy) the ONLY place where true insight manifests is in the exact middle. the balance of male/female. physical/spiritual, life/death, etc....
compassion is a high form of being on a personal level. it cannot be properly actualized through organizations but only through direct action.
i think it's time for everyone to start rolling an important question around in their mind. what is the role of the state? what do we NEED it for? it is there to SERVE, not to create culture, not to dictate the mental state of the people.
everyone is gonna have a different answer about what they think they need from it. that's where cooperation & regionalism come in. important stuff,as diversity is the way of is the very mechanism which life uses to create life, to renew itself.
anyway...this is all stuff of the mind anyway. it's all abstract, none of it is real.
it is something that we as human beings have given birth to in an attempt to understand and possibly control the totality of existence - a truly over the top egotrip that is very misguided & out of step with the matural systems in which we are is our right & our natural way to sculpt it into what we feel we need. our reality is a tool. a tool for living. we need to ask if it's been helping us or hindering us. does it bring fulfillment or does it lead us away from truth? i don't mean the kind of truth that "culture" provides or seeks in order to maintain itself, but the ultimate truth, the understanding of how the divine runs through everything & that it is miraculous that any of this even exists.
not everyone is on the enlightenment trip, not everyone is interested in The Truth, not everyone is ready for that journey. what we need to do is facilitate all of these various levels of existence.
you have been blessed to be manifested into this life that you currently exist in which allows you to read this, to eat wonderful dinners, to love, to hurt, to experiment & discover the many aspects of creation & how you relate to it.
we are all blessed. each of us has a different path to take & to keep acting like we can make rules & guidelines that pertain to an infinite number of pathways to the truth is delusional.
we must always remember that the decisions we make for any group larger than the "self"(which may not actually exist but just might be an illusion of separation), that we are making a common decision that should not be specific, but provide a framework for the open expression & exploration of all that are within that group. it should not be used coercively to make people behave in a certain manner...unless you want me or someone else to come dictate how YOU live.

just a few more quick thoughts.
when you see someone that annoys you or find yourself being judgemental, say to yourself "there i am doing ____" or "there i am being _____". then and only then can we start to take a step further & try to understand the patterns that lead to that behavior.
politics will NEVER be the anser to our problems.
it is only a tool. not a solution.
dogmatic religion will never provide the answer. it only provides shelter at no expense other than feeding off of your negative emotions like a vampire.
it does not seek to move you past them, but to have you accept them without moving through them. ALL priesthoods are created as a control method that is based on the same principles as politics.
side note- did you know that the supposed "oracles" of the early mediterranean civilisations used carrier pigeons to get news back early from far away so that it appeared that they were able to predict the future?. priesthoods have a long history of stealing technologies from the masses & then hording them so that they appear to be more in touch with "the gods". this allows them to be priviledged & hold power over their people. the very mindset is ego based.
Jesus would NEVER have formed a church in the sense that is currently accepted.
anyone who is not a gnostic christian, who is a follower of european traditions (protestant & catholic) is NOT a follower of christ. they are followers of Constantine. the version of jesus which he created during the council of nicea is an amalgam of mithraism, the osirian/isis/horus religion.
jesus was not the first to be born of a virgin, die on a cross & be resurrected.
those parts of the story were attached later. it is a natural part of spiritual evolution. the various ideas about "god" metamorphosize as populations shift & differing cultures come into contact with each other.
some believe jesus travelled to india, to britain (not as far fetched as you might think considering the phoenecians had an extensive maritime network that could possibly even have reached to the americas), that he'd married mary mag & had children...
some may call this heresy, but if your faith rests on such tiny details & not on the truth of unconditional love, than you are not experiencing the totality of that which is referred to as "god" or "love".
the truth is not in the words or in the details, it is in the experience & the meaning bewtween & behind the words .
religion is not for safety. it is for discovering your own relationship with the creative force.

Monotheism is the largest purveyor of mass genocide in the known history of the human race. Ideological intollerance based on spiritual beliefs did not exist on a mass scale until the Akhenaton, Aaron,Moses & the Exodus. (a sarcastic thank you to YHWH for bringing so much hate into the world. truly the greatest deciever ever)
and no i am not anti-semitic. i am not against people. i am not against anything. i simply try to realize the truth about things. no one is excepted from scrutiny, no one is more divine than anyone, no people are the "chosen people".we are ALL chosen.
i think i remember the avatar/ buddah named jeshua (jesus) once said "all are welcome at my table". if i'm wrong about this, let me know.
Dogma is our problem. Laws are our problem.
think about this. Law cannot exist unless there is rule by fear. fear is the very spine of law. it is nothing but a mechanism of enslavement.
law never solves anything, it simply locks it in a box.

enough philo-ranting for today.
if you are offended by anything i write, i ask you to ask yourself, why am i offended? why do i really feel this way? and then try to go even deeper. the truth is inside you, not out "there".

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