Tuesday, August 31, 2004


oh yeah...
i don't know if i can even begin to express the joy I'm feeling right now.
on saturday i got together with my dear friend sweet p. and had some awesome ethiopian food at addis abebe.the conversation was more than a little interesting & it seems we still feel the same pulse that has been infecting us for the past two years.
it's wonderful to have someone that make you feel at home in yourself.
it sucks when they are with someone else.
but, what can ya do besides be patient & live your own life.
it's so rare to feel something that is so true & touches so deeply.(and makes disembodied voices talk in your head)
i'm approaching this whole thing in a zen fashion this time around, but i've gotta admit to wantin to be a bit onnery too.
heck, when you know you want to spend your life with someone, it's hard to wait (or let go).
if you are new to my world & this blog & don't know any of the history of this, check out my first few months of blogger archives.rollercoaster city.
heck, maybe i shouldn't even be writing this publicly, but it's an important expression of myself.
if good ol peety happens across it...so be it.
my good friends know that i've lost my head many a time over sweet p.
i just can't seem to help it.
so, i live with the feeling, enjoy it for what it is & what can be expressed & am thankful to be so lucky as to even have her in my life.
who knows what tomorrow will bring?

I also beat Ratchet & Clank Going Commando on Sunday night. it was a little anti climactic considering i didn't even realize that i was fighting the big boss until i kicked it's ass & the credits rolled. now going thru in challenge mode which has about 2 or 3 times as many enemies & they all take more hits to destroy. oh what fun!
next game on the list is beyond good & evil.

been munchin on lots of navidad grape tomatoes from the garden. damn are they sweet!
i'm so glad that i chose them over full size tomatoes, escpecially with the cool august that we've had here in chi-town.

no politico-spiritual ranting today. furthest thing from my mind.


  1. If you want, don't buy it, just borrow Beyond Good & Evil from me! And if you can get me past this part I'm stuck on, I'll owe you a beer.

    That game kicks ass by the way...you'll dig it.

    As far as Sweet P., sounds like even though she's not technically "in your life" she really is, she really is.

  2. already got BG&E for like 5 bucks on ebay. already started it a few weeks ago but have barely played it due to R&C overtaking my life. ha! anyway, kitten, i think yer version is xbox, no? i'm ps2in it.
    as for sweet P, oh yeah, she's definitely in my life, even when we're apart.

  3. Good point, it is the Evil MS version. let me know if you like it, and like I said, if you can get me past the point I'm stuck on...I see much beer in your future.

    Yearning for someone or something can be fun, but it sure gets old. The fact that you call her "Sweet P." makes my girly "aw that's so cute" hormone act up. You're quite the gentleman.