Tuesday, August 03, 2004

unplanned events

What an interesting weekend.
I got home on thursday thinking i was going to be spending from friday thru monday in the st. louis area with my sisters, but i just couldn't get myself to take the long train ride down there.
I've been feeling very inward lately and have been reading about bodhidharma & zen & it's been bringing me to a very good place.
i just didn't feel up to the journey. it would have been great to see my sib's, but i just wasn't feeling it. i wasn't supposed to go.
well, having no plans for the weekend, i was surprised at what surfaced.
On friday, jack came down for about an hour & we played tony hawk pro skater 4 for awhile & then i walked him & his sister veronika up to margaret's store.
we all hung out there for a bit & ended up going out for dinner & then out for ice cream too. then we came home sat around in their place for awhile.
It was a really good time & the temperament of the whole evening was mellow & good.
then shane came outa no where, walked in without knocking & started spouting off stuff about work without even paying attention to how he was interrupting the mood.
margaret ended up falling asleep with veronika when she put her to bed & i went downstairs to my place & hit the hay soon after.
it was a really good night except for the ending, oh well...

saturday brought surprises as well.
danialle called & asked if i'd be interested in shooting one of the scenes for her & jen k's zombie flick.
we shot the "culture jammers" scene in which i had to sport a can of spraypaint (and use it) in the broad daylight (this in a city where it is illegal to buy spraypaint). it all went well & it was a good time. was great to meet new peeps.
I was told i could be the chocolate christ the next day, but unfortunately, that did not occur. (although it has sparked an idea of my own for a short film or something)

on the walk home from getting some chow with the "film crew",. i ran into the hopp's & ended up hanging out with them for the rest of the evening. i hadn't seen them in months. we watched some reno 911 & caught up on what's been goin on. kimberly talked politics while sean & i talked more about philosophy & zen. a damn good night.

back to work on sunday & david (my boss) actually said that i need the time off & it was too bad i didn't take my trip. he suggested i go somewhere where no one knows me & just enjoy myself sometime after this weekend, which is Halsted Market Days, our biggest weekend of the year.
it was nice to hear that he wants me to take the time off & enjoy myself. i feel like I've been workin so damn much.

This coming weekend is a big one with market days, danna moving to town, and having to take care of crystal's dogs while she is out of town (her poor willie caught up with a car over the weekend while they were in michigan & managed to get a nice gash on his side, the poor thing. now maybe he won't attack cars anymore though.)
anyway...that's enough for now.
danialle should be postng pics from the movie shoot. i'll link when they are up.

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  1. So sorry you couldn't be Chocolate Jesus, but fear not...you will be consuming massive quantities of brains in NO TIME my friend!

    Your weekend sounds like exactly what you needed. There was a reason you weren't suppose to go to St. Louis. ;)

    Oh, and the pix are up, link away!