Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Illinois, what the f*%K

ok, so, i've been working on patience , compassion & understanding quite a lot over the last decade (maybe this lifetime if there are multiple).
sometimes's it's really difficult.
especially when one can look around & see so many things happening that people outright REFUSE to understand the implications of.
I've felt for quite some time (say 5 years)that Chicago, and the state of Illinois are going to be one of the main proving grounds of the way this country & the "New World Order" are going to be run. There is a pretty balanced mix of conservatives & liberals with the majority of the state geographically being repub. & the chicagoland area being primarily demo.
also, it's the center of transportation on this continent with O'Hare Airport being located in Chicago.
(for a small glimpse of the impact o'hare & air travel in general has on the environment & how our skies have been stolen, see my chemtrail/contrail gallery & links section in the right column of this page.)

here are a few of the latest examples of Illinois in action!
- the big Blag wants drink manufacturors & promotions boards to bid to become the "official state drink". yikes.
can you say whorish activities?
the state is not supposed to be a corporate sponsored entity. i think that's one of the defining factors of fascism.
the same is being done in Chicago with the School system ( i purposely do NOT refer to it as an educational system because it does not teach, it indoctrinates. they are PROGRAMMING CENTERS)
the public school system may be almost completely replaced by a Charter school system.
so, i guess we can look forward to more disney schools, etc....

-big brother is creepin thru the streets in Chi-town. first it was at intersections to catch people running red lights, then it's on high crime corners, then expanded further, and now they are proposing cameras on the street sweepers so that they can "catch parking violators".
_oh yeah...can't forget the gestapo & dogs on the EL at the Merch. Mart site to make sure that there can't be any train bombing of the loop! guess what's inside the "mote" is going to start becoming a fortress?
i can see it now, a walled financial & professional district with access only to those with the proper ID.
sure it sounds like sci-fi, but look around ya.
you are probably promoting it in your own life right now.
if you use a CTA blue card you are.
if you don't use cash and are a debit card junkie, you are.
BTW, what happens if there is a massive power outage or weather catastrophe of some kind? you can't buy anything electronically if there's no damn power.
and how about your cell phone tracking device? or that on -star in your car...
there's a heavy price to pay for convenience & a cyborg lifestyle (can you exist without your electronic toys?)
people have the right to do whatever they want. they better just realize that "there ain't no such thing as a free lunch".

ok enough ranting about that crap.

now i'll rant about ATC>
well, what can i say? I was disappointed with the majority of the art i saw there, just like i always am.
I'll admit that i can be pretty frikkin demanding. i want to see people challenge themselves. most of the crap i saw was sophmoric, meaningless or shallow, and there seems to be an aesthetic of hastyness surging thru the community,- as if to make something beautiful is a waste of time & whatever is done should be done quickly & almost angrily.
i find it interesting how many artists are narrowly themed in their work too. i understand doing series & studies, etc. i guess i just like to branch out.
i mean, i feel the same way about music. why should an album all sound the same? i know i certainly have more than one mood or emotion, and i certainly think that should be reflected in the art & music.
this makes me think of a point that gets talked about in art school, etc.
the whole notion of "Real" art possessing & being invested with a part of yourself.
for some reason, when people create shallow or seamingly meaningless artwork, some artists & critics who must think very highly of themselves believe that this is not real art or that the artist is not investing in their work, that it's not an outward projection of their inner self.
I have to strongly disagree with this.
If someone created work that seams devoid of meaning, that is most definitely a reflection of what is going on inside of them. maybe they don't feel safe to let things out. maybe they don't have to have all of that bullshit artist angst to create (i certainly don't). not everything is born of misery, ya know.
maybe art therapy classes should be requires for all artists. they should at least read kandinsky's "Concerning the Spiritual In Art" which i actually would recommend for anyone to read.
Heck everything everyone does is a clue to their inner workings.
we all develop at our own rates & we should be building communities that nurture this individuality & create supportive environments for people to open up & simply be themselves.
there was some really amazing work at ATC too.
I think next year I'll probably show again.
alright, enough babblin for now...


  1. About the CTA train search... I took some snapshots of the train search this morning. I find it a bit strange that a "rented" security firm was used for this search instead of the Chicago Police Dept. K-9 units.

    Feel the terror!!I'm watching you!!I'm watching you, too!

  2. thank ya MR. ohms :)
    get some posts on that blog of yers.
    like the zombie pic...nice touch. :)