Thursday, September 02, 2004

more surprises

so, i get home yesterday to hear a message from my main man mitch who is in town from key west & stayin over at my friend casey's. they're getting ready to move casey down to key west too. lucky dog.
i wouldn't mind a little island life for awhile.
so i headed on over to c's place & we hung out all night playing cards & laughin our asses off.
tonight i think we're all headin over to Martyr's for some kinda shit.
i don't care who's playin, it's just good to hang out with some guys that i actually enjoy bein around. and hell, since mitch lives so far away, i rarely get to see him.
He's been a bro in quite a few adventures, be they traveling (albuquerque & the NM desert & mountains), musical mayhem (wait till i change servers & get the whole archives up for streaming, then you can experience the true madness!), and heck, he's even the one that got me started painting (i was always more into illustration/dry art forms before that).
anyway... it's great to get to see him.

the good ol'boys over at groove distribution have added yet another of my current favorite listening pleasures to their listening post.
it's the underground broken beat "supergroup" dkd with the long awaited "future rage" album. check it out here

one thing I've discovered is that GrooveDis's "retail prices" are usually inflated by 4 or five bucks over Dusty Groove, which seems to be a little more reasonable in prices, but if ya just have to have it right when it comes out or if it's impossible to find, groove dis is the place.

here's a little more insight into the Gonkyburg scene that i mentioned in my last post.
and here's a little on Quant

better get to work...

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