Wednesday, September 01, 2004


so, i've come to discover that i have a natural knack for pranayamic breathing.
for those not familiar, it is a type of breathing in which you alternate your nostrils for each breath.
here's an interesting page on different techniques that does not describe the traditional alternating style
and here is a link to a laura lee interview with john pilch talking about pranyama in biblical texts
I'm actually able to control my nostrils without using my finger. pretty interesting experience.
i've gotta say that it's a great breathing technique to help calm down but invigorate at the same time. supposedly using the alternating sides helps connect the left & right hemispheres of the brain.

on another note...
i can't get enough of the new Quant album
Matter of fact, I'm loving the whole Gonkyburg scene these days. Can't wait to get Jonatan Backelie's Ernesto's Album.

I've gotten back to walking everyday. I'd been takin it a little easier this summer. dunno why, but i did. think i put on a few pounds because of it too. oh well.

got a surprise call from sweet p. last night. I'm tellin ya, this life is all about challenge & discovery for me. and i love it all. some people dread drama, but if there's no depth to your experiences, there can't really be too much depth of anything else can there? i dunno.
I've spent the majority of my life as a witness. I've been on there on many occasions to pull people back from the brink of disaster when they've needed it & been close enough to their experiences that i haven't had to go thru them myself.
I'm amazed at what I've bourne witness to.
anyway, i'm finally feeling the push towards my own experiences, to play a more active roll, not be so "safe" as it were.
it'll be interesting to see how my current outlook affects all of the current goings on.
I'm definitely feeling quite excited about it all though, ya know?

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