Tuesday, September 14, 2004

something to piss off the artists

here's a link to the big mouthed freakazoid that is osho/aka bagwan shree rajneesh spouting off about what he thinks about art.
I'm currently reading the story of his communes & all of the freaky shit that went on with him & his followers.
what a strange thing. too much to describe right now.
he definitely had the mind control thing down though.
hard to believe after all tht happened with his whole thing that some people still consider him an enlightened being.
I definitely think he may have been close, but there were some shortcomings there that i don't think can really exist in a truly enlightened being.
His books on Zen, Buddha, Bodhidarma, and meditaion are great.
i also read a book of his on discipleship & it started cool & got really freaky.
he's definitely someone who loved to puch people's buttons.
if he would have had even an ounce of compassion, he would have been a great man.

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