Thursday, September 09, 2004

sweet days & nights

Well, over the lasts week I've been bad about posting.
I've actually been getting out of the house!
I'm almost gonna have to break this down day by day to catch up.
let's see...
I think I left off last Thursday....
On Thursday night, Mitch, Casey,Adam (dude)& Donna, & Mike all headed over to Martyr's for the Rockabilly night. don't ask me what it's called cus hell if i know.
What i do know is that it is bizarre to see all of those peeps dressed to the hilt. pomps,hornrim glasses, stylee geetars & double basses. there were like 20 bands and it was pretty damn cool. I guess I'm always a little amuzed at "retro" shit. i really don't get it to tell ya the truth, but what do you expect from someone that has futurist tendencies?
I saw Crystal there & afterward we got some diner food.
all in all a pretty damn good time.
took friday off from socializing & did stuff around the house.
nothing exciting that i can think of from that day.
Saturday night I went over to Patricia's place(s),met up with her at the old apartment & then headed over to the new one.
thank the divine that we can finally hang out again.
i missed her so much when we didn't see each other.
We talked all kindsa good stuff (as always) and i brought home the bass that i'm buying from her.
spent the rest of the night listening to music & smilin & dancin around the apartment like i usually do after seein her. (wonder if she knows that...hmmm...well, she just might now! ha!)

On Sunday I worked & then headed up to Casey's for his & Christine's BBQ.
I was there from about 4:30 till almost midnight.
I think i drank more beer that night than i had in months. the food was good, as was the company.
There was a bluegrass band that showed up after their gig over at the Metropolis Coffee Shop (i don't know what they are called...maybe Tumbleweeds?)
and they played for a few hours in the back yard.
perfect music for a backyard BBQ!

It was great to see Mitch who i hadn't seen in a long long time.
also good to see casey who i hadn't seen in a few months.
Now they are both en route to key west (probably already arrived actually).

This weekend is Around the Coyote & i think Derek & I are going to go check it out.
Next Wednesday I'm meeting up with Patricia down at the UIC campus, where i lived the first two years i was in chicago.
it should be a bit nostalgic & fun. I haven't been down there in years.

I've basically been feeling really wonderful & slightly tweaked lately.
It seems like so many things are happening at once.
glad I was getting all into zen right as this stuff came on!
it's really helping me remain calm & balanced.

I can't wait to see what's just around the corner....hmmmmm

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