Sunday, October 24, 2004

academics shmakademics

Well, I went to the Humanities Open House at the University of Chicago on Saturday.
it was ok, but i was a little disappointed.
maybe i expect too much.
but then again, there's always a tendency towards overspecialization in academics.
I have to say that Hyde Park is beautiful.
It was my first trip down there. I'm definitely going to have to go exploring down there.
Stacie went with and attended different lectures than i did. during the lunch break me took a little walk around the neighborhood & found a nice small "world bazaar" store with all types of beads, drums, etc. very cool. gotta go back there.

I also talked to tracy, an old flame of mine from high school this weekend. we had some wonderful conversations. it's always interesting how years can go by yet connections still remain. I hadn't seen her in over a decade & a few years ago when my brother Daniel died, there she was at my parents doorstep offering her support.
I'm amazed by some of the wonderful things she says to me. It's great to be reminded that I leave people with the feelings i do. i must be doing something right in this life! thank god(dess)!
hope i keep being that.

to back up to friday...i walked over & checked out the Rockwell Beans & Bagels.
it's a beautiful little place. I saw Lucia who i hadn't seen in months, and brought Jodi some grape tomatoes & music. sat & had a sandwich & finished "The Discipline of Trancendence" by Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh which consisted on multiple transcripts of his talks on the Diamond Sutra of Buddha and various questions from his sanyasi.

didn't really feel like coming back to work today, but so be it. gotta pay the bills!
more thoughts on the open house lectures when i get time to really sit down & write out my thoughts.

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