Tuesday, October 05, 2004

catching up.

I know I haven't been very consistent with my postings lately.
this one'll be a little long...
I just haven't felt like sitting at the computer & typing.
so...where to start?
Last thursday I watched the prez debate over at Kitten & TheMan's place.
we went out afterwards for a drink & a few ours of great conversation.
a) the debate: I still think they are both bad news.
I just don't like 'em.
Here's the main philosophical difference i found:
the Bush syndicate's way of seeing the world is static. to seek a path that is forward, full speed, with no attention payed to anything but the abstract goal that is at the supposed end of such a path.
stay the course. lie if you need to to keep morale high. the abstract idea is all that is important it is what is to be worshipped at all cost, especially the cost of the majority of people who do not hold the majority of the wealth.
the Kerry Cabal's vision seems to be more rooted in flexibility, to grok, to utilize the feedback loop & analyze the effects of actions & adjust the response & action accordingly. It is the recognition of the fluidity of life & death. It surprised me to hear this. I would also say that Kerry has a more global view, which is as dangerous as it is visionary.
i can see some global government stuff being birthed under his watch.
mucho big brothero with either one.
When Bush made a quip about Yale I would have loved to have seen a big ass Jolly Roger drop down behind those two Skull & Bones members.
b) the pub!
the conversation was varied & awesome. I seemed to have sparked a little interest in the astrology stuff in Kitten.
I said a few somewhat onnery things about Leo's, but hey, if you'd seen what I'd seen...
I've had a lot of Leo's in my life. a girlfriend in high school, stacie, who i lived with for all of my late twenties & am better friends than ever with now, margaret, my friend & landlady, the former manager at work that i shared an office with for three years, and I'm sure there are a few more out there too.
I love 'em but man can they be a handful!
anyway, to tell a bit more about why birthchart info, etc. just might have some validity:
think of the universe as a big dish, a satellite dish. it's going to pick up your "signal" as you become manifest in the material world. (yep. that means that the moment of conception may be just as important as the moment of birth, but that's another area of thought altogether)
the dish is the universe, so everything on it is in constant motion, dancing around each other, pushing & pulling each other as they swing through their spiral orbits (there is no such thing as an eliptical orbit as the object which is being orbited around is also in motion/ in orbit around another body, so the movements never, ever, trace the same path.)
each pattern, each moment in spacetime manifests a different pattern on the dish. this is the "descrambler". it is what your signal is filtered through as it enters your body & life in the material world. different magnetic fields, subtle energy fields,morphic fields, fields of all kinds discovered & yet to be discovered all influence the way in which you manifest.
in that way, the sun sign is dominant as sol is the closest high energy emergence point. I'd even suggest that the hearts of suns are the gateways between dimensions of reality, but then, i watch too much Stargate SG1. ha!
it's interesting stuff & i've been very surprised at how accurate astrology can be, not as a predictor, but as a great tool to help one understand other people & how to deal with them. sometimes it sure makes certain people make a lot more sense!

we talked about all kindsa stuff, but this post is gettin long as is.

I watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind & it was great. I had to stop waatching it about 3/4 the way thru & just let myself release with all that has been happening lately. it felt wonderful to let the tears come. i then went over to the computer & wrote the words that I'd been waiting to come to me & sent them off to patty.
it felt good to express it, & i have such a deeper understanding of all of it.
It's amazing how the situations that arise in my life due to that girl always change me, always teach me.
hence the deep connection. we've got a great feedback loop when we let it flow.
I'm gonna miss it.

It's gettin cold out these days so I've gotta be harvesting the last of the goodies from the garden.
there are thai chili peppers, more grape tomatoes, carrots, black beans & the pole beans, and the hard squash are gettin big!
wonder what I'll make with them...
next year i think i wanna put up a trellise & do it right.

oh yeah, i also added my e-mail addy to my profile if there happen to be any readers out there that wanna say hello.

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