Tuesday, October 12, 2004

inner/outer travels

I'd like to thank toda_V for this wonderful quote that he sent my way (along with many others that he's been sending recently from his "kabbalahconcepts" yahoo group)
it's always interesting to me how inefficient western civilization is at obtaining that which it seeks. we have this habit of taking the longest & most expensive path...
anyway, on to the quote

"Our most important journeys are Inner ones. There is no use visiting every
place in this world physically if we do not take our minds with us.
Furthermore, our minds are capable of travel experience quite apart from our
bodies. An imaginative invalid with well developed faculties for inner
exploration travels far more widely and to better purpose than someone who
covers thousands of miles each week thinking of nothing except commercial
cares of material concerns. Apart from survival necessities, the best
reasons for bodily travel are to provide the mind with more opportunities
for excursions into Inner Dimensions, thus becoming more experienced and
knowledgeable entities. Yet by itself travel is only moving our bodies
around so that sense impressions via our brains supply our minds with
unfamiliar stimulit to which we react on deeper than average levels. It is
the newness of the stimuli which evokes responses from us causing expansive
or other changes in our Inner Cosmoi. If we took the time and trouble to
learn the art of Inner travel along this Path, we could explore quite new
Inner territory and areas of existence which would provide us with
sufficient spiritual stimuli to enlarge ourselves enormously. Why do we not
travel inside ourselves more often? We might go to the ends of the earth and
come back with nothing worth having, yet journey inside ourselves for less
than half an hour and return with the keys of a whole new life."

- William G. Gray (The Talking Tree)

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