Sunday, October 31, 2004

a little fresh air

Well, the trip downstate was good & tiring.
i didn't get much sleep.
headed down on the amtrak on friday morning & spent the day with my friend Tracy & met her kids & some of her friends.
tracy, her friend Laurie (or lori or howver she spells it, i don't know) ended up doin a little bar hopping in Lincoln that night. It was a good time.
It felt nice to be out in the country when i was out at tracy's home in Hartsburg.
just to see so much sky & so few buildings.

on Saturday I went past my family's old house & went out to the park that i'd always run around in in my youth. so many old, old trees out there.
spent some time hanging out with my dad, had lunch wiht him & some of his friends & then on the drive back stopped off at my mom's in bloomington & had dinner there.

even though i got an extra hour of sleep last night, i'm still exhausted.
i'm definitely gonna hit the hay early tonight.

i had a lot of realizations over the weekend that i'm not sure are even expressable, but i definitely discovered that integration is happening in me. my spirituality & beliefs are not merely abstractions.

not wanting to be at work today, but what can ya do?

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