Sunday, October 31, 2004

makin up for friday five

well well, since kitten is bringin back her friday five, i'm gonna follow suit even though it's already sunday!
heck, i'll make it my sunday six! ;^)
her questions plus one extra of my own...

1. Do you celebrate Halloween?
not any more than any other day i guess. kinda disappointing since i'd probably love dressin up.

2. Scariest movie you've ever seen:
scary movies never really scare me. hmmm....
i was extremely disturbed by both The Serpent & the Rainbow & Jacob's Ladder when i first saw them

3. Did you carve a pumpkin this year?
No carvin this year, although i am growing hard gourds in my garden which will get carved into marvelous works of art when they cure. last time i careved pumpkins was probably back in about '97 or '98

4. Best costume you've ever worn or seen:
The best i wore was a blue elephant suit in kindergarten.
that i've seen, well, i was entertained last week when on the WGN morning news two of them were at the Fantasy Super Store or whatever it's called & one was dressed up as "super sperm" and the other was a box of facial tissue that said "blow me".

5. Trick.. or treat?
giving or getting? the trickster is great, but the treats are better.

6.What do you do with that extra hour you get when the clocks "fall back"?
sleep. but while i'm resetting the clocks, i always think about how it's the perfect moment for people to reflect on the fact that time & all of those things we use to coordinate & organize our lives are our own creations, and we can really change them whenever we want.

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