Thursday, October 28, 2004

on the road again

this weekend I'm heading down to my home town Lincoln,IL.
gonna see my dad, my old friend tracy, and my mom too.
not only that, but I'll be coming back driving the family's old caravan.
almost 200,000 miles & still going. I really need to take care of some projects I've been wanting to do: bookshelves, make a new 'puter desk, a turntable & mixer table...
i want to turn this home into the vision that i've had for it for quite some time.
organic shapes, curves, just like my art.
havin the minivan shure will help with getting supplies & stuff. and maybe since i now have a vehicle to haul stuff, maybe I'll try to start playin out more. get that music thing goin...
I'll take pictures of my trip.
yeah, even after lambasting the lens in my last post!
as long as it's just a momentary thing, it's a great way to share , ain't it?
i love looking at pictures, envisioning the stories behing the photos.
did you know?:
from what i've read about subtle energies, kirlian photography & such, there is a huge difference between digital & chemical photography. i mean beyond the obvious differences.
at some point most of us have heard about how so called "primitive people" are afraid of cameras & believe that by taking your picture that you are stealing their spirit or soul.
did you know that in a way, they are right?
supposedly, chromatic/ chemical/ analog/traditional, whatever ya want to call it photography captures the subtle energy of the subject matter. that is, the energy pattern is translated onto the photo paper by the sunlight -it basically imprints itself onto the light, just as multiple wave patterns combine to form complex waveforms, as in a sound wave.
since there is an actual analog contact of the energies without any translation other than the lens, there is a direct connection between subject (the photographed) and object (the photo paper & emulsion).
with digital, there is no direct contact. the light is converted into code, into linearly structured information. it is a facsimile of the subject, nothing more.
so, if you were some spell caster or whatever, someone unbalanced enough to think you need to manipulate someone through spell, through ritual, a traditional photo would hold the actual essence of the individual, while a print of a digital pic would not.
ok , so that's kinda strange info, but i think it's interesting.
and hey, this blog IS called absurd notions, right? ;^)

I'm starting to really enjoy this writing thing. I better start writing a book or these entries are gonna get longer & longer.
maybe I'll even participate in that blogger blog your novel thing that's goin on.
wonder what kind of crazy crap I'd write...
something for me to chew on for the weekend.
on that note, hope y'all have a great weekend & tune in next week for the start of my next drama...

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