Tuesday, October 19, 2004

rest easy

What an uneventful weekend. I slept a lot.
i painted my front windows with watercolors.
watched a few movies & cleaned house a little.
i liked the sleeping part. the earlier sunset is really messing with me. it happens so quickly.
next weekend I'm going to the Humanities Open House at the University of Chicago.
I'll be attending lectures on "The Rhetoric of Rhetoric","How Does Culture Outrun Biology?", and "The Eucharistic "We" and the Triumph of the Chiastic".
I'm really looking forward to it.
I saw Jodie over at Beans & Bagels yesterday for the first time in months. It was very good to see her. Ever feel like there's a connection from past lives with someone that you've met but still don't really know that well? That's how i feel about her. I keep meeting more & more people that i connect on this level with.

Picked the last of the grape tomatoes. still need to get out there & grab the thai chilis.
Whitey (who comes & collects the game money at work & i talk gardening & such with) brought me a bunch of tomatoes from his garden today, mostly green.
gonna weigh down that backpack a bit for the walk home.

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