Tuesday, October 12, 2004

timeline link / my strange past

an interesting page about world history timelines - focusing on turning points.: I haven't read thru it yet. I found it while doing a search for "Michael Zadok" which is the name of a comic character i created in high school called "The Saint". it was during my weird christian phase. I created a whole team a la x-men that battled the anti-christ. the saint wielded the flaming sword of st. michael.
the anti-christ figure was called killjoy.
i actually won an honorary mention in an art comtest for a big scene that i drew of one of the battles. i think the drawing is extremely mediocre, so they must not have had many entries ;^).
I never really wrote any stories for the characters, cus the phase passed pretty quickly and i lost interest.
so yeah, there's a little strange nugget of my past for ya.

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