Saturday, October 09, 2004

weekend travel

well, I'm in St. Peter's Missouri this weekend at my sis Diana's. took the train down to bloomington IL to my ma's & then we drove from there. so, yesterday was a day full of travel & waiting. not bad though. I've gotta say that I've definitely been mastering the art of patience. it's so rare that I'm ever bored these days! i could sit with nothing to do for hours & not feel boredom creeping in.
i'd like to think that this is a sign of being at home in myself, of not needing to fill time with frivolous things in order to not BE with myself.
I had a blast playing with my nieces Mariah & Olivia last night. they are so goofy, imaginative & loving.
Had strange dreams last night too, the strangest being seeing a photo of patty holding a child with pete's head on it. ha! funny & disturbing at the same time.

It's strange being in suburban st. louis. i don't know how anyone can live in suburbs. too much traffic, too many big corporate things. it makes me feel very lucky & blessed to have access on a daily basis to so many alternatives.
I'll post more about the trip when i return sunday night. hopefully with pics too.
i'm sure that there are a few of me lookin a little crazy while playin with mariah.
ciao for now!

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